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Cat tires very easily

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I got Shasha almost 2 months back. She's about 1 year old now. Before we got her, she's been in a cage all her life. She's very playful and loves to play. The problem is she tires very easily. After she plays for about 10 minutes, she'll start panting really hard with her mouth open and a wheezing sound. And she'll just lie with her head down. Is she just unfit or does she have health problems? Please advice.
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Would bring her to a vet right away - that's not good. Especially if she's only a year old - Definitely bring her for a visit.
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she could have asthma or allergies or ???? and this needs to be addressed very soon. I hope it is something simple, she sounds like you are having fun with her.
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I would also recommend taking her to the vet for some blood work.

If you keep an animal in a cage that is too small their muscles deteriorate. Maybe she just needs exercise.
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I would take her to the vet also. Were you able to get her medical history from the shelter? That might help you answer the question? I hope she's ok and just being too playful.
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Cats hate to pant. It is more dog-like and not cool with cats at all. Any cat that tires easily and pants after exercise needs to be seen by a vet and have a cardiopulmonary work up.
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How's the cat doing?!?!?
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I took her to the vet and she got her cardio work up and all. The vet says she's fine and just needs some exercise. But she's getting lazier now...hee hee. She's so adorable. Thanks for asking
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Oh thank God. That is so funny - she's outa shape!:tounge2: get her on that kidden tread mill! I have had outdoor cats most of my life - Just got an indoor, so I think I will have to keep an eye out on my indoor kat, make sure he's getting enough play time! I'm so glad she' okay! I would take it slow at first.....
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Glad she was ok. My friend had a cat who had asthma and displayed similar symptoms. I am glad that she is just a bit out of shape. Janet is right.........tell her to hit the kidden tread mill!!!!
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Gizmo used to do the same thing as a kitten; BUT, it's not because he was unfit. He used to get so wound up when we'd play with the tinsel wand that we would stop when he got to that point. He hasn't done it lately, but that's because the tinsel wand broke.
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