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Another Vent

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Im know im still new to this site, so forgive me..but if i dont get this off my chest today Ill explode....

to noone in particular.
for the love of God please SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR CAT!!!!!
I mean common people...it costs you less than your precious cell phone bill.
These are LIVING animals for petes sake not your garbage.

Im fortunate enough to work within a mile of my local SPCA and volenteer there during my lunches and as needed. Today was just to much. I cannot believe the caliousness of people bringing in boxes...yes literally boxes of unwanted kittens. im dumbfounded that someone who would their animals run around and just treat their litter as an "oops" that can be fixed by dropping them off at the shelter or putting them in paper bags in the TRUNK of their CAR. Can you believe it? someone bringing in boxes and paper Bags of kittens in the back of their car. Causally pull up in their $50 grand car and then act upset that the shelter requests $10 for surrenders. If i hadnt paid for that surrender i KNOW they would have just let them sit in the trunk until dead or worse.

sorry for the vent i tried screaming in the car and it did no good. i think the only thing that would satisfy me now is to take that woman and her pimp/boyfreind whatever and recripocate their actions on them.

I give up on humanity...wheres my cat?
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Some People Suck!!!
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Bless you for the work you do. I know it must be extremely hard to make those tough decisions that other people are too lily-livered to make.

My three cats (all rescues) and I appreciate you.
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Oh, yes, those are the same people who won't think $5.00/hr is too much to pay a decent baby-sitter. It is mind-boggling how some people prefer to remain so uneducated!! My grandson's father just got a little kitten from the vet - someone had dumped off this little baby boy who was est. to be 4wk.old; the kitten was dehydrated & severely infested with fleas and was anemic as a result. The vet treated the kitten and offered free vet care if my grandson could keep the kitten. My grandson, 9 years old, had just gotten his very first kitten (he's had adult cats) who was about 3 mos. old, and is doing very well. Anyway, the new kitten is doing splendidly, but our family worries about what happened to the littermates. Thank you for sharing your dismay and frustration.....As the English writer Samuel Johnson once wrote, "There is no creature too little for so little a creature as man!", when explaining why people hunt animals to extinction and create wars and just destroy Creation in general.
Bless you for your work, and thank you for helping those who can't help themselves. You are a true hero!!
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I echo those here who thank you for dealing with these idiots in order to help helpless animals. You are an angel to these animals and may God bless you for all the good work you are doing.

And even though this wish won't solve the problem, and even though I'd much rather these people who treat animals like garbage realize their wrongdoings and their stupidities and rectify them (and believe me, I pray for that), sometimes the best I can do is trust that karma will come back and kick these buffoons really really hard in the arse.
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Yeah most people I know have there cats spay/neuter. But some who have even the healthiest and spoiled cats, or expensive breeds dont like to get them fixed? Mabye they have heard rumors of bad stuff happening when you spay or neuter your cat? I mean I still know people who think tuna is good for your cat, I guess rumors still go around to this day and that is part of the problem, not necessarily not enough education.
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At your SPCA do they neuter all the kittens before selling / giving them away? I know that our RSPCA and welfare leagues do that over here (in Sth Australia)

I bought Cleo from the welfare league here and she was $80AUD neutered, mico-chipped and immunised - thats a pretty good deal (not that you can put a price on your cat)

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It is very frustrating when you save 5, then 10 come in due to pure stupidity and not caring!

Keep up the good work, girl!
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SO true, so true.

The more I see of humanity, the more I love my cats. I could never do the work you do, I'd get too angry. Bless you.
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I know how you feel - some people treat their children the same way, sighh!! They think life is disposable. Makes me ill!!
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Originally Posted by sssam
At your SPCA do they neuter all the kittens before selling / giving them away? I know that our RSPCA and welfare leagues do that over here (in Sth Australia)

I bought Cleo from the welfare league here and she was $80AUD neutered, mico-chipped and immunised - thats a pretty good deal (not that you can put a price on your cat)


Yes definately. All animals are "fixed" prior to being released plus the first years shots for kittens and updates to all for cats. They receive a tatto and some cats a microchip. but all are ID'd somehow and logged on who and when they were adopted. The shelter is actually quite invasive into a back ground check for the adoptors too. They will call landlords to verify that pets are allowed etc. its a good thing.

Thank you all for hearing my virtual scream, as that day was very frustrating.

some GOOD news to relate:

After taking my Best Friend Gizmo (cat) to the vet for his checkup tuesday (he has thyroid problems) I ran into someone who just had come from my shelter, recogonized me and showed me "Tomas" . "tomas" was brought into the shelter about 2 weeks ago. cute little 8 week old kitten. He now has a very happy and safe home. YEAH!!!!! He and his 8 yr old daughter were just captured by the little guy and you can see the love in their eyes as they snuggled with him at the Vets.
It is those brief momments when you see a cat find a loving home that makes ALL the heart break worth it.
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Please remember one thing though, not everyone is in the position to be able to or can afford to get their cat fixed.
We are a case in point.
We rescued our girl off the streets as a baby and spent a lot of money getting her healthy and right when we were looking to get her fixed we have had to move apartment as our building is getting bulldozed.
The cost of the operation here is almost half a months rent so will have to wait at least another months until its financially viable.
Yes, I know, what about paying it off you say. Not a chance as a foreigner over here.
So it's another 2 months of staying indoors and walks on a lead until such time.
I understand your rant about the excess numbers of kittens but please don't be so quick to judge.
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