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Are your cats afraid of the Vaccum??? - Page 2

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Both of mine run as soon as it's turned on, and they won't come out til I actually go and find them and assure them the nasty machine has gone
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Yep, they run and hide in the bedroom until I am done.
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Josie used to hide when she was little. Now, she retreats to a high spot (usually the back of the couch) and just watches me until I'm done.
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My cat use to be terrified of the vaccum, but lately he just stays on the chair watching who ever is hoovering, hoover!
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Rosie runs from the vaccuum cleaner. Spotty will only run if it gets too close to him. What's funny is when the vaccuum cleaner is turned off, they have come close to it to sniff it and examine it as if to say,"Are you dead yet?"
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Yes, she hates it!
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1 out of 5 hates it. The other 4 think it is just an annoyance - they have to move!
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terrified. omg. spiky won't run, but he hisses at me if i get near him with it, but sparky runs to the other end of the house and cowers in a closet somewhere and peeks around corners to make sure it isn't in the room before he goes in.
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Wittle is very curious of it, he'll watch it, though he stays a very large distance away from it. If it comes close to him, then he'll freak out--even if it's not on!

The other two, well, lets just say that they run away to the complete other side of the house

They're still trying to figure out what it does
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Both of mine are terrified of the vaccuum monster. :-)
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Cotton isn't bothered by it at all, probably because he's deaf. He chases the cord while I vacuum. Spike doesn't like to be in the room, but he doesn't run and hide, he just goes and picks a spot in another room to nap in 'til I'm done.
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she's terrified of it.

but my mom claims that she used to vaccuum her first cat to get rid of allergens and her cat loved it. Odd.
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Sasha likes the vacuum. He watches from a chair and tries to hook it with his paw.
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1 of 7 hates it, the other 6 really couldn't care less
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