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He's not eating the frickin' potato chips!!

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I have a funny story. My husband and I had our housewarming party last Friday night, and my inlaws here were. MIL set out some bowls of potato chips and then we were preparing a veggie tray together when she yells "yeeeep!!" (and she has a LOUD, HARSH voice when she yells!) She runs over to the potato chip bowl and starts in on Billy (my boy kitty) "No way are you eating these chips, buster!" Billy just looks at me and cocks his head like, "who let her in?"

I started laughing. Our cats are known for only eating dry food. We've tried treats, chicken, salmon, beef, even vegetables for good measure. But for them, if it ain't dry food, they ain't eating! So I said, "Lorie, they dont eat human food," and she says "yeah, thats what all you cat people say!" I said, "No seriously. If they wont eat chicken and they wont eat salmon, why do you think he wants your chips?" She just insisted that he was eating them and put them on a higher shelf. I was cracking up because Billy and Blossom were looking at me like, "can someone get her a valium?"

The party was a hit! My sister, who had double brain surgeries for cancer and lost her sight over the summer came and she had fun too. My husband Gavin took some pictures here
Sarah (my sister) is in some of them, and in the last photo you can see the cat ladder and cat loft Gavin built for the kits. What a guy!
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That made me laugh! I can just imagine what the kitts were thinking as well!. Their just curious at the smells thats all

Bless your sisters heart Is she in remission?!
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Oh Hannah! Thanks for the pics....I love your house and all of its red accents. Its gorgeous. Hope Sarah is doing well ...
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Ok, your bathroom is sooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooool!
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silly kitties!!

I love those pics by the way
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Great pictures, they look all warm and welcoming!
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Sarah just finished chemo and radiation, so she is ok for now. They'll do an MRI soon to see if the cancer is actually in remission.

My HUSBAND decorated that bathroom. Can you believe it? He just went to town one day and fixed it all up on a Hawaiian theme. The one bathroom has a clawfoot tub and the other a garden tub. Im a bath-a-holic, so it is very necessary to have nice long deep tubs for a good soak!
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I can just imagine their little faces!
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That is so funny!

Awesome pictures! You have a beautiful home!
Hope all is well for your sister.
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You have a very beautiful home!!
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Great story! I love your house. Is that Mexican tile in the kitchen?
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