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Cat poo everywhere!

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I came home this afternoon to a house that has poo in every room. The bathroom looked like a cat had exploded in it, with poo right up the walls and a ltter tray that was a total mess of runny goo. Sorry to be so graphic. I found Napoleon in the living room covered with it, and he has tracked it all through the house. I have called Haris the vet and then spent an hour cleaning everything I can find. The poor cat looks sick again, his fur is standing up and he is meowing at me, just when I thought everything was fine. At least there is no blood in it this time. His brother seems fine, but of course now I am concerned as the two little ones have been running with my cats for three days now. and I have three house guests arriving tonight, one of whom has to sleep in the room that I had put the boys in! I am not sure now how to isolate them again, or even if there is any point.
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Oh Jenny! The poor little mite, bless his heart

What does Haris say?
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Oh no...this is so sad. I will be praying for your kitty.
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I hope that the little guy is feeling better soon. I makes me wonder whether he got in to something while you were at work? I'm glad to hear that your other kittys are ok. Wonder if he should get an abdominal assessment done by the vet? Best of luck tonight with the houseguests!! Hopefully your cat got it all out of his system......

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I am taking him to Haris in the morning. Meanwhile I have started the giardia tablets again, though they had finished their course. Napoleon has had some goat milk and egg as he is not interested in eating much. This has brought all my worries back for him.
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Please let us know how Napolean is doing after his trip to the vets!! I truely hope everything is ok!! Cats are tough little creatures.....keep smilin
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How terrible!!, I will be praying for him tonight, please keep us posted.
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Awww, the poor baby....and poor you! Hope he is feeling better soon.
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I really pray this little boy is ok Jenny, because he's certainly been through the mill
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Aww poor baby. Will keep my fingers crossed for him
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Please ask your vet to check into this intestinal problem: Feline Tritrichomoniasis. The parasite, Trichomonas Foetus is a suspect in chronic diarrhea of cats. My understanding is, that this parasite is easy to miss and also easily confused with Giardia.

Reference this study: Feline Tritrichomoniasis
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i really hope it's nothing bad
keep us posted
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Thanks for the wishes guys. The good news is that we can find nothing wrong and there has not been a repeat occurrence. I will continue the tablets for a further five days and monitor him carefully. Feline Tritrichomoniasis is a new one on me but I will certainly run it by Haris if we have any further cause to worry. Haris thinks maybe it was a reaction to salmon cat food. There was certainly a fishy smell around, now I remember. He is eating and playing normally and there are no unpleasant surprises in the litter box! I was really pleased about that last night as all five cats slept in my room with the door closed as we had guests.
And I have someone else coming to see them tomorrow. So you never know. Good vibes please. I won't let them go unless I am really sure it is a good home.
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Thats great news! I'm glad to hear that he is doing great! Hopefully it was just a reaction to the salmon cat food!!
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You are doing a wonderful job with those kits. I hope Napolean's health continues to improve!!
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Poor little Napoleon and poor Jennie!

Glad to hear you are both doing better.
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