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Morgan's story

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Just read hissy's story about Eve and thought I'd share Morgan's story with y'all.
January 31,2000 was a cold, icey day and since we lived on a steep, slick road, we were pretty much housebound. However, my husband got a phone call saying his computer was in a Fedex truck at the bottom of the road and he braved the road to go down and get it. While I was waiting at the end of our driveway, a neighbor walked by and as we were talking, I heard a kitten crying and noticed that a little grey tabby was wildly scratching at another neighbor's door. As I was wondering why they didn't let it in, Lori came out, picked up the kitten and headed my way asking if the kitten was mine? (Have a reputation as the "Cat Lady") I said no and she said she couldn't let it in her house since her husband was allergic to cats. Of course, I had to take it in-it surely couldn't be left outside to freeze! The name Morgan popped in to my head as soon as I saw her and by the time my husband arrived back at the house Morgan was safely in the house getting warm and fed. He couldn't believe he was only gone ten minutes and there was a new cat when he arrived back home! Since the new computer was (and still is) a Mac, Morgan was dubbed Morgan MacIntosh.
Morgan was declared fit by the vet and after advertiting for several weeks and not finding anyone who admitted to owning her we had her sex-acuted and she was a part of the family. Since she is about the same age as our dog, we gave her the same birthday as the dog, Heather. Believe it or not, Morgan and Heather are best friends. When we take the dog for a walk, Morgan is right there with us and they often sleep together.
Since I'm a have to try this smilie!
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How cute!
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The world needs more people like you!! I tell ya..some people are just cruel!
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Oh Kaaren..Morgan is so lucky to have found such a kindhearted person as you! And you are so lucky your hubby loves cats to!
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