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Black Peter

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This may be late coming, but its now marked 6 years since I lost my best friend and companion, Black Peter.

Before I was born there was this big black male cat who lived over the road, he didnt like where he lived anymore so he went over to our place. I wasnt born by then but he was there from the time I was born.

Peter and I spend most of our time together, he always followed me around, he loved a pat and a cuddle, and I would affectionatly call him "Petey". He was always there when I was sad, he would come to me for cuddles, and when I was sick, he would lie beside me till I felt better. Even when I went for walks he would follow me. There was never a time when he scratched me or bit me, he always forgave me if I did wrong, and he forgave me when we got Bluey and was with me when he passed away, he even forgave us when we got a dog. He was my best friend and my companion, I cannot remember a day in my life when he was wasn't with me.

But I grew up and had to go away to boarding school. When I was 14 years old, and he was about 20, I found out that he was sick, and wasnt eating at all. My grandma rushed him to the vet but they said that he was too sick and there was nothing they could do. She took him home and after 3 days he died.

My grandma told me that he was waiting for me for all those days, he wanted me to come and kiss him and cuddle him before he went away, but he lost all his strength and passed away.

My grandfather wrote me a letter because he was too hurt, and knew I would be too hurt to tell me over the phone. That day back in '99 I have never cried from loss and heartbreak for anyone, as much as I did for Peter.

Petey, I miss you so much every day, thank you so much for being there for me, and being my companion, for being in my life. You blessed me with so much love, and I know we were so close, you were almost human. Thank you for blessing me with Heidy, Monty, Ozkar and Sable. I will never forget you.
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oh sweetheart, what a beautiful tribute to Petey - I weep as I read this and I can just feel the love that you had for him in your words

thankyou for posting this and sharing his life with us - you do know that he is watching over you dont you? you do know that he is waiting for you at the bridge - that he is playing and chasing the butterflies until he sees you again - and when he does he will come running as fast as he can to be at your side for that cuddle that he wanted that day

sweet Petey - play happily sweetheart - you are deeply missed
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Awwwwww Peter sounds like he was such a sweet boy and a good friend from your description

Don't worry sweetie Peters ok now though no matter how long it's been. By this time he's made so many new friends over the bridge and you will see him again one day
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What a beautiful, loving tribute to Petey. He sounds like such a sweet boy. You obviously had a very special relationship with him and I have no doubt he's watching over you now. Take care.
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What a special relationship you had with Petey. Your love for him will never die and because of such deep love, he lives forever in your heart. Take comfort in your precious memories of him. Never blame yourself because you were not there with him.
You had no control over that. He certainly was a blessed cat to have found such a good home and such a loving companion as you.
Rest in peace sweet Petey. I hope you have met Max, my special soulmate cat who has been there since July.
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Hugs to you, Shimmer. It sounds like you really grew up with a great companion in Petey. What a blessing he was to you! And he was lucky to have you with him, day to day. Condolences on this loss.

You are very wise for someone so young, to understand how precious Petey was! He is watching over the other kitties over the bridge now.
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What a moving tribute! That after 6 years, your memories are as bright and vivid as ever. True love does indeed last!! I noticed that you thank him for giving you your other kitties - are they his offspring? They are sooo gorgeous, I am so glad that you have other cats to brighten your days. Hugs, Susan
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What a lovely tribute to Peter. I am sure he is looking down on you purring, waiting to see you again.
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Thank you all so much for your kind words, they are very much appreciated. I am sure he is happy now with lots of new friends over the bridge, I am sure being such a friendly boy, he has so many he can't count them all! lol. I am sure, Bugaboo1, he is with Max and all the other kitties that the members of TCS have lost. I can't wait to see him again one day.

Susan: my current kitties arent Peters offspring, he was already "fixed" when we got him, but I know he sent them too me to brighten up my days and look after me while he can't. He knew that one wouldnt be enough, so he sent me four!

All Your words made me cry, you are the most kindest people of all
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