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Goodbye, Little Foster Kitten

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Little Tux Girl - about 8 weeks old but the size of a 6-week old, rescued from a backyard about a month ago - she was in another foster home until coming over here a week and a day ago.

She was small and bony and her poop was not quite right, but her eyes were alert, she readily ate both dry and wet food, and she had enough power to jump up on the couch and sit by me. We were hoping that, with the help of some care and attention, she would be able to fight off the panleukopenia that took her littermate.

We were wrong. She was my quiet shadow, snuggled down on the rug by my feet in the kitchen or sitting nearby while I was at the computer desk. She was only here for a few, few days, and suddenly she is gone.
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Bless her little heart she was thin as well wasn't she poor baby

But you showed her some love and affection in the short time you had her, and that would have meant a lot to her

RIP Little Tux Girl Go play with the other kittens over the bridge
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*hugs* she was absoultley beautiful, she is place now where she can play all day and not be sick, god bless you for doing all you can for her.
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Thankyou for giving her love during her short time here.

your no longer in pain sweetheart

RIP little one - play happily at the bridge - you will be deeply missed
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Precious angel may your wings fly you to the highest perch in heaven to watch over us all.
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Originally Posted by Middletown
Precious angel may your wings fly you to the highest perch in heaven to watch over us all.
oh goodness - what beautiful words
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What a sweet little face! So glad that you were there to give Little Tux Girl the love she needed. You did all that you could, and she must have taken great comfort in your love and care. Be happy and well over the Bridge , little one. RIP sweet baby cat.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for showing Little Tux Girl such love and kindness during her time with you. RIP little one.
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What a precious little girl cat. I am glad she was loved some in her life. Rest in peace little one. There are many older cats who will watch over you at the bridge.
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Rest in peace Little Tux Girl Go run with Averee and the others!
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I am sorry to hear about your loss.
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Poor little guy. You were a good person to rescue him and love and nurture him over his short little life!! Prayers and thoughts!!
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Condolences to you on the loss of this precious kitten! May your heart find peace in knowing that she knew only love from the time she was found, until she crossed the bridge! Rest in peace, Little Tux Girl!
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What an adorable looking kitten, so sorry for your loss, thank god this kitten was able to feel love before she had to go to the other side!! Much condolences..
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