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Some worthwhile tips

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Dear Ann Landers: In light of the tragic events of last September, my son's school has drafted some tips that will be helpful for parents with small children in case of an emergency. I hope you will print them for all the parents in your reading audience.

1. Talk to your children, and emphasize how important it is to pay attention to their teachers during fire drills. If you have several children, have them decide on a meeting place where they can assemble in case the situation is chaotic.

2. Give each child a prepaid phone card with $10 or $15 available on it. Practice with your children so they know how to use the cards. Even if the child has a cell phone, service is often overwhelmed during a major emergency. Most pay phones, however, will work.

3. Furnish each child with a wearable ID. There are many types available that can be worn around the neck or wrist. Include the child's name, your home address, work phone, cell phone, and so on.

4. Prepare and laminate a list of phone numbers for yourself, your spouse and your children. List your home number, all work and cell-phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. (Many folks in the New York area discovered they could not get through on their phones, but their e-mail worked.) If possible, designate an out-of-town relative or friend who will serve as a contact for other family members.

I hope we never see a situation like we had last fall, Ann, but it never hurts to be prepared. These guidelines could help in any kind of emergency. Please pass them along. -- New York Parent
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Those are good tips, AP. It's scary to think that we need to be thinking about things like that.
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Isn't it though? I don't have any kids, but when I saw this I thought it might be useful for those who do.
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Those are some very good tips for the people with children here, thanks for posting them. I think it is better to be too careful than not enough these days.
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