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What a great guy!

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I haven't been posting much because I just don't have time right now. The main reason is my S/O came down with not only pneumonia, but something else... the doctors aren't sure what. He's been on antibiotics for over a week and isn't doing any better, and he's completely lost his voice, also. Then yesterday he also started throwing up. So I've made him stay home from work for the past week or so. He's no good here anyway (we work together ~ he owns a business) because he can't answer the phone, and that's basically what he does all day long: talk to customers.

So, I have taken over for him. I'm trying to do his job, my job AND the other owner's job (he's out of town!!!). Then a few days ago, I got a sore throat and started losing my voice, too! Thankfully I can still talk enough to answer the phone, and I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, but now I'm getting sidetracked...

My wonderful S/O, sick as he obviously is, went out in the snow (it's really coming down today!) and the cold, just to buy me flowers and chocolates for Valentine's Day. Can you believe that??? He drove for at least 45 minutes to get here to deliver them! I didn't know whether to cry because it's so sweet, or to hit him for going out in this as sick as he is!

I just had to share that with all of you!
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What a very thoughtful thing to do! He must be a special guy!

I hope you both get to feeling better soon.
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Obviously he loves you very much & appreciates what you are doing for him. You are very lucky to have someone like him & he is even lucky to have someone like you! I hope you both feel better soon!
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Another S/O...hmmm...don't these people have names! :LOL::LOL:
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sounds like a keeper to me!
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That was so sweet of him! I hope he is feeling better now.
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