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Not sure where I can post this at!

Our animal rescue is holding a benefit event which circulates around
animal arts. We are searching for donated pieces to display and sell for
this fundraiser. We are a 501c3 tax exempt organization and all
donations can be written off in a value amount. The event takes place
October 16th, and although it is rather soon, we hope to receive a response
of donations. In return, we are happy to display business cards,
brochures, etc, of the artists who have donated an item or items. Some
suggestions of art would be drawings, sketches, paintings, sculptures, art
made by animals themselves or printed art. All donations can be mailed
to our director, Christa Riley, at 1434 Friar Tuck Lane, Saint Louis,
MO 63125. All artists who wish to receive a tax receipt must either
email or call us with an address to mail it to. We look forward to your
response and participation. What a wonderful way to show your support
to homeless pets across the nation!

*Can anyone help out?