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Loss of appetite and Vomiting

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My tortoise shell calico, Sienna, has not been eating her food and has been vomiting a yellow, foamy liquid. Do these symptoms sound familiar to any particular problem? The vet has done blood work and nothing seems to be wrong. She is also very hostile towards her "brother", Spicey. She growls, hisses and swats at him whenever he comes within two feet of her. This is very unusual. I would really appreciate any feedback anyone has.
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Has she been dewormed recently? Have you used any type of over the counter product on her recently? De flear- shampoo anything? Do you know if the plants in your home are toxic? Did they run a tox screen on this cat? Is she still at the vet?
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The hissing at her othervise pal is perhaps because her not feeling well.

Cats who have pain/do not feel well are much more short-tempered.

So did our older to our younger, teached him to behave either it was needed or not.

Good you are in contact with vet.
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Thanks for the feedback. You asked more questions than my vet did. I just noticed today that there was a tiny bit of nibbling on my Chinese Evergreen. I know these are minorly toxic but her condition is not improving. She usually doesn't chew on the houseplants. I will call the vet back tomorrow to see if there is anything to do about it. She still won't eat hardly at all, I got her to eat a little chicken breast yesterday but that's it. I'm worried about her.
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How old is she?
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She will be three on Halloween. She has always been kindof a runt though ... a tiny cat but weighed 8 pounds (she was pretty chunky). When I took her to the vet a few days ago, she had lost half a pound. I can feel her spine and she's losing some of her fat. I've got to get her to eat, I'm calling the vet first thing tomorrow.
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You are wise to call the vet in the morning, and you are right that you've got to get her eating. I do think she sounds nauseated, and mentioning the plant she's chewed on to the vet may help solve some of this puzzle.

Is she having any diarhea at all - any other symptoms besides being grouchy with your other kitty?

Please post an update when you can after you call/see the vet tomorrow?
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I tried to look up the chinese evergreen. It seems it causes lokal irritation and pain in the mouth, short duration (calcium oxalate crystals). They didnt wrote about longlasting poisoning...

If she dont eat, you must perhaps forcefeed her. But the vet probably did mentioned it. Liquid nourishment ie.

sorry I dont know really good advices, Im not a vet...

Good luck!
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Did you remove the plant?
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Well, here's an update ...

Sienna and I went to the vet. They did an ultrasound to look at her liver and surrounding areas. Her liver looked abnormal. They gave her fluids and sent me home with some yummy canned food with syringes and told me to try to force feed her if she doesn't eat it on her own. If that doesn't work she'll have to get a feeding tube. The next step is a liver biopsy to find out what is causing the abnormalities, that surgery will be on Friday. Now I have to decide HOW they will do the surgery ... they can either use an ultrasound or do exploratory surgery. From what I understand, exploratory is more intrusive but overall, safer so I'm leaning towards that one. Any suggestions/comments? Thanks!
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I haven't done any research on this, but fwiw, when biopsies have been discussed with me, it was usually proposed as being done with ultrasound. I think the decision depends on how well you feel she can handle the exploratory versus a biopsy guided by ultrasound (I believe they do a fine needle biopsy though I may be incorrect -which is insertion through the skin with the ultrasound guiding where the needle is placed for obtaining the sample).
Wishing your kitty all the best,
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Also about ultrasound vs. exploratory ... the upside of exploratory is that if they make anything bleed while they're working on her, it's more easy to see and fix than it would be if using an ultrasound ... or at least that's what I understand. Boy, this is going to be/has been expensive!
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