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Four Feet in Heaven

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I came across this wonderful poem recently and thought I would share it. (and hope my friends at the Bridge know I am thinking about them as I read it):

Four Feet in Heaven

by Alice E. Chase

  • Your favorite chair is vacant now...
  • No eager purrs to greet me
  • No softly padded paws to run
  • ecstatically to meet me
  • No coaxing rubs, no plaintive cry
  • Will say it time for feeding
  • I've put away your bowl,
  • And all the things you won't be needing
  • But I will miss you little friend,
  • For I could never measure
  • the happiness you brought me,
  • the comfort and the pleasure.
  • And since God put you here to share
  • In earthly joy and sorrow
  • I'm sure there'll be a place for you
  • in Heaven's bright tomorrow...
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That's a very beautiful poem... I'm sure it strikes a chord with those who have lost a furry pal. Thanks for sharing it...
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thankyou - it sure is beautiful and I have no doubt your RB kits heard you

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That is beautiful. Thank you for sharing, Cyberkitten!
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Very nice poem..... Made me cry. Thanks for sharing that. I'm sure it will touch alot of people.
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very nice... makes me think of what i said to my mom, when my first dog had to be PTS. i told her i'd see him in heaven. she said she wasn't sure that animals went to heaven. i told her that if i wanted him, & he wasn't there, then by definition, it wouldn't be heaven. while i don't think that we will want the same things there that we do here, i do think that we will see our loved ones... & these fur-people are definitely among my loved ones thanks for the poem!
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That was a beautiful poem..thank you for sharing
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