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We're finally MOVED IN!! (Warning, lots of pics!!)

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Well, after a month of being nomadic, my kits and I have finally settled in to our new home. As a lot of you know, I got out of a particularly traumatic living sitaution by breaking my lease over the summer. After a lot of red tape and legal concerns and logistical nightmares and a month of transience, WE'RE HOME!! The move itself was unusually efficient and calm...huh.

Leo, Lola and I would like to invite you into our home...here, have a peek!
The Big Room

This is the library and dining room

The Home Office...

The Lounge Area

The Home Theatre

The Little Room:

These shelves were Ian's fine handiwork

This is the door leading into the little room

The Kitchen (it's not much, but it's perfect for one person)

The Bathroom

And that's the tour! I didn't include the dressing room, as I was pretty sure that my storage area and a couple of litter boxes probably don't excite you guys too much.

Well, what does everyone think??
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It's lovely! I love the way you've decorated it. It's fresh and spring like! I hope you enjoy it for a long time.
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Well, if anyone is interested in litterboxes, it is your TCS friends! I am very happy that you are settled in. Thanks for sharing the pics!
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It looks nice and cozy, Allie. You're going to LOVE having a place that is all yours! I bet Leo and Lola have already told you how much they like it.
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Looks perfect, very cosy and homely! You must be overjoyed to be in your own place!
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Thanks guys!! It is SO Cozy! Everyone loves it. Both kitties have been giving me headbutts and purrs ever since we moved in
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Allie, those pictures are great. Ian is VERY handy with a hammer- those shelves are fab!

Isn't it great to have your OWN space?
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Looks great!!! Enjoy it!!!
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Congratulations on your new place!
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It looks good to me! I bet it feels so good to get into a cute place where you can finally feel like you are at home.
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Thanks everyone! It feels great to be home, yes! It also feels really great to not have to deal with obnoxious people that always have their sig. other over and bring gang members up to our place...yeah, it was bad. But this place is SO PERFECT for the 3 of us. Unfortunately, poor Leo is still getting over the move, but Lola is right at home.

Amy, ian says thank you
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