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Birman genetics

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I hope this is the right place to put this. The lab I TA for is doing a lesson on cat genetics in two weeks, which of course has me all excited. I'm hoping to use my Birman boys as an example, but I just wanted to make sure I had enough information for it, because I can get more. We're trying to genotype the cats' colors. So what I have so far is that Billy is a lilac point, and Chay a chocolate lynx. They share the same dad - a lovely lilac point. Billy's mom is a blue point, and Chay's is a seal lynx. So for any of you wonderful breeders who are good with cat genetics, is there enough information here to do at least a guess on Billy and Chay's genetics, or should I find more information like grandparents and/or littermates? Thanks in advance!
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If it were me I would get as much linage and pics if possible of the "kids"
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This link may help


If you make sure you don't mix up the B,b,b1 etc it is really easy.....

Make a chart and plot in what you know (the phenotypes) and you may have a good guess. Of course if would help to know the phenotype of the grandparents and great grandparents. If you have the kittens' pedigree, the colors should be noted there I suppose.
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Also, I note that www.pawpeds.com has a Birman database. Not a given (depends on if they were submitted to the database,) but if your boys' precedents are listed you'll be able to find the colors if not already known.
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