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Recuperation/After-care for Spay?

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I have had several kitties spayed and neutered over the years, but this is the first time that I was ever offered pain meds to bring home. I took Bucky to a different Vet for the procedure because I am on vacation and couldn't get her in at my vet during my time off. She was given a prescription of liquid pain killer to take three times a day, and I was told this morning that she shouldn't have any until later in the afternoon. They said she could eat, so I fed her and she used the box just fine after.

Anyway, the thing is she has been running all over ever since she got home playing with her toys and acting as if nothing happened at all and the vet said not to let her do any rough play or jumping. That is what has me worried.

She had her first dose of the pain medicine at 3:30, took a fifteen minute nap at four, and is back to her usual self... harassing the fish, and playing with her toys. I'm glad she doesn't seem to be suffering, but am worried that she doesn't seem to be taking it easy. All of my other kitties always hid under the bed for a day or two after their surgeries and I now realize they must have been suffering badly.

Anyone have any ideas how I can get her to settle down a little?
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I had to keep my 2 separated. I put them in thier carriers. I felt bad leaving them cooped up when they wanted to play, but they needed the rest to heal. I gave them water and comfy towels and things in there and I laid on the floor in front of them. They did get out some, but I made sure they didn't get too active. It was hard!
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I had considered putting her inside of her carrier, but will hold off and see what happens. Luckily Bucky is the only kitten in the house and Sister and Tiny can't be bothered to play much. I've been keeping an eye on everyone and so far the other girls haven't gone near her. It's eight oclock and she finally decided to lay down.
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We give all our surgery cases a shot of metacam before they go home. It is a 24hr pain releaving injection.
The reason ur cat is acting the same way it always does is because it doesn't realise it has been speyed.
I wouldn't be to worried about her as long as she isn't climbing up the curtains and jumping in huge leaps.
The main problem would be with the stitches tearing or her pulling them out. My youngest had intradermal stitches so I didnt really have to worry about that. But if you just work n no leaping or licking at the wound site all will be well.
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Thanks...she is running but not really leaping just playing with her toys. Gave her the second dose of medicine an hour ago and she was not liking it, but has settled in for the night. I will be doing the same shortly.
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I would take her off the pain meds. She needs to feel a little sore so she knows she should take it easy. If she can feel that it hurts when she does something, she won't do it and will protect herself against injury.
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Ok, this morning Bucky is resting, she had her pain meds in the morning and ate a little bit. Whatever was in the shot she was given after the surgery seems to have worn off. It's kind of cold this morning and she has been sleeping under her blankie. I am going to go ahead and keep her on the pain meds and monitor her condition.

This is just so much different than any of the other spay/neuter recuperations that I have experienced. In those cases I mainly worried when they stayed off their feed for more than a day. Overall I feel alot better knowing she doesn't have to feel the pain too much.
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