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Vet assistants???

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Im wondering if there are any veterinary assistants or anyone else out there that could help me out.

Im trying to get into the animal care feild and im wondering what kind of education you had? Im looking for info because my family and I dont have that much money and i heard from someone that you can become a vet assistant without going to college. Currently my local animal shelter is looking for people for part time jobs working with the animals and ive applied. Im hoping to hear back soon. If I dont get it im going to start volunteering. Im also thinking about getting a career councilor through my current job to see if they could help me out.
Im trying to anything to push me in.

If anyone has any info let me know. Thank you.
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Hi. I work as a veterinary assistant and had no previous experience or education. Actually, I am enrolled in one of those at-home courses but had no classroom education.

Just try to find a place that will train you as you work. That's what I did and I've learned quite a bit in the last year.

Perhaps you can also see if you can start as a receptionist and then work your way to assistant. Or, if they require experience the best thing would be to volunteer at a shelter or rescue group.

Good Luck!
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Thank you.
Its hard finding info from real people on the internet. Its all about college programs when i try and search for anything about it.
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Im in college right now to be a vet tech....its a two year course at a community college........

But there are a lot of techs out there who haven't gone to school......

there are actually some in my class.....the only reason they are there is so they can get thier knowlege up to par so they can take the Certifications test.....

in Mass the certification isnt required, but you get paid more if you do have it

but there are some states that requre the certification

good luck
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