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rebel kitty!!

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Sophie's figured out how to open the closet doors and especially likes getting into the big storage closet. She knows she's not supposed the be there and I'm worried 'cause there's so much big heavy stuff packed in there that she might get trapped or something could fall on her and seriously hurt her! I'm going to have to try and get a latch or something I guess.

She's also having these moments when she'll attack me, well I think it's more aggressive play really, but she jumps at me and bites my ankles or something especially when she wants something or doesn't want me doing something. I'm thinking she's relying on biting as communication rather than meowing (which she hardly ever does) and I'm concerned about it becoming a bad habit.

I wonder if this is all just some sort of teenage kitty phase. She looks all grown up, but she's still not quite a year old so maybe that's the problem? Will she outgrow this?
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They calm down a lot when they are spayed. Also try and spend some time with her just you and her bonding and playing (use pole toys) that way she can get some of that aggression out easily.
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Mine started doing the same thing (asking for playtime very violently) and ignoring the bad behavior only made it worse so I taught him to "ask nicely". All I did was put a treat on my chest while I was sitting on the couch and the first time I did this I called him over. When he came and ate the treat, I played with him for 5 minutes. Then I went back to the couch, put a treat on my chest and pretended to read. He showed up a few minutes later and came up on my chest and got his treat. I played with him for another 5 minutes and went back to the couch. This went on for 1/2 hour sessions and now, when he wants to play, he walks up on my chest and stares at me instead of running across my lap and running back to attack my hands. Every cat is different but I saw changes the very next day. Good luck!
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Hissy...yup, she's been spayed; they'd just done it at the SPCA before I adopted her. You're right, I think she's just got a very active mind and needs lots of stimulation; I'll have to get schedule more playtime with her I think. Fitzy's Mom...what a great idea about the treats!:flash: One of the times she gets aggressive is when I come home from uni and take too long to give her treats; I usually delay even longer then because I don't want to reward bad behaviour with good I'll definitely try using them to encourage gentle play like you suggested
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