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First day with your kitty

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I was just thinking about the first day we had Flibbo. He was the cutest little kitten. When Poodle first saw him, she woofed like a dog! (Weirdest thing I ever heard.) My brother, who was 12 at the time, put the poor kitty under his shirt. Then, of course, Flibbo proceeded to pee on my brother, which convinced him to let the kitty out. Then later that night, we awoke to some very loud mewing. Poor Flibbo had gotten caught in the stereo speakers, and was hanging from one claw!

Anone have an interesting first day with their kitties?
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When I first got Kitters she was thrown out (literaly and against a wall) by a couple of (!@#*&^) and she was brought to me where I worked. I had to put her in a box with a milk crate over her so she couldn't run all over until I got out. I played with her too though when no one was there. I gave her food and water which she devoured, and called my BF to get there as soon as he could. When i got out of work and boyfriend picked me up we stopped and got the necessities like a litter box and of course a couple toys. (seemed a bit much since I told BF that we were only going to keep her until someone else could take care of her!!! sneaky me I didn't tell him that three peope offered to take her that night!) We brought her home and gave her a bath and just cuddled her. She just fit into BF's hand and she fell fastasleep! When BF would move his hand her little body would just sway or bob like she was dead, it was freaky!! She slept so hard that we thought she might have died, but she was just so tired from such a rough day that she zonked! That was my babys first day home!
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Hmmm...I'm assuming SillyJilly that that particular baby then stayed with you instead of going to another home?
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My first day with Cupid started out badly because we met them halfway at a pet store, and we got there first so we went inside to shop, and they brought him inside. He was terrified and cold! It was really windy. On the way home, he slept in my hands until we got food and ate in the car--woke him up quickly! Then when we got him, I sat him down and let him explore. I followed him everywhere because he was so tiny I wasn't sure what he could get into--and I was worried my roommate would step on him. I just held him a lot and stared at him.
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