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Has this ever happened to you?

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About 2 years ago I lost touch with a good friend of mine because he had moved away, and it was really heart-breaking to lose touch with him. He was like a bigger brother to me, and he even called me "lil sis" sometimes. Well after awhile I just moved on and had forgotten about him. Yesterday I got onto one of my old screen names and got an IM from someone..I just could not believe it was him!! I was in absolute shock!! It was just kind of weird the timing he came along though..I had broken up with my boyfriend and was really needing a friend and then..he just pops out of nowhere!! Have you ever had this happen before?
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I had something sort of similar happen once with a guy I was dating. We broke up and I missed him terribly because I was falling in love with him. I had a dream that we got back together and we embraced and music played and all that. Then the next day, he called me and hung up, and thankfully my sister had JUST gotten caller ID. I think he thought I was mad at him and never wanted to talk to him again. I called him back and we talked and ended up going out again. It was better than ever, too. If my sister hadn't gotten called ID (this was before EVERYONE had it), I wouldn't have known it was him and who knows if he would have had the nerve to call me back and talk to me. Plus it just happened to be after I had that dream...

Congrats on reconnecting with an old friend. I hope y'all can start up where you left off!
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Actually, it's just happened a couple of days ago! A friend of mine I haven't seen since High School (About 6-7 years) has just e-mailed me through www.friendsreunited.co.uk (they also run an international service too, so if you're interested...) it was just SOOO wierd! It's really nice to catch up with people and find out what they're up to in the world. And sometimes WHERE in the world can be fun too!
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I've been finding a bunch of old friends from Texas in Myspace. It's pretty cool.
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