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Cat Lap Dance!

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So true!
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I've seen that before, but thanks for sharing! It is all too farmiliar to us cat owners.
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Too true!!
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My cats dont go on my lap because I dont have enough muscle in my legs to be comfortable, but they love to sleep on my mom, lol!
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Well I`d never seen it before...and I about wet my pants watching it!!!
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Oh my!!! I love the dude going to the kitchen!
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That is HILARIOUS!!!!
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Is that Sakura in that cartoon? Shes exactly like that.
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thats cute thanks for sharing i emailed that one to mom in fla
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Had Ginger sitting in my lap while this was on.
She was fascinated, hope she hasn't picked up any ideas!
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So funny and true (ours don't get violent though)!
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oh how true, how true. Bertram, Carlos and Toscal all get a little disgruntled if you fuss them and then walk away for aminute. Bertram won't let you walk off if he's enjoying being petted. If you try to move away he'll wait until your back is turned and then take a flying leap at it, so you finish up taking him with you like a furry rucksack!
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Oh my gosh, that had me in stiches! So, so true!
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thats so like barnaby he choses the wrong moments to get on your lap,normally when im cooking a meal,or wanting to go to the bathroom
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