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No laughing matter any more

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My three year old, spayed and declawed tabby, Tigger, was acquired by me as a very little kitten, and until she developed a urinary tract infection last year, never broke her potty training. At that point, until it cleared up, she sprayed/peed all over the walls around the house. Special pet deodorizers didn't help, nothing did, until my vet gave me a spray pheromone which seemed to stop it for awhile, but about a month ago she started again. The vet put her on antibiotics, which she has completed, and there is no other known physical problem, but she is now accustomed to peeing on the papers I put in and under the catboxes to catch stray litter. The problem is, she has also peed on the piece of carpeting in front of one of the boxes, and that soaked thru into the regular wall-to-wall. The deodorant isn't working this time, and worse, she now seems to be acting on a behavioral thing where she no longer uses the litter except for pooping.

The only solution I can think of is to shut her in a very small space - my shower stall - with a box, food & water, and a towel to lie on, to force her to relearn her potty training.

Is this the way to go? Euthanasia and giving her up are out of the question, but so is soaking the carpeting. I can hardly bear to keep her cooped up, but if I know that it will retrain her, I can stand it for a while, I guess.

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Well, unfortunatly Declawed cats are prone to these types of behaviors. It is one of many drawbacks to cutting their knuckles off.
You may want to try getting a different litter, say the crystals,pellets or something very soft. Then re potty train her. Put her in the bathroom with her litter box, bed, food and water for a week or two. Once you know she is consistantly going in her box, let her out and give it a whirl.
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