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UTI recovery/litter box question

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Micky is recovering from a UTI that apparently had been going on for months. In the last few days, I've noticed that she had urinated a couple of times in her old litter box, which to me, was good news -- it meant that she was both recovering from the UTI *and* that she didn't associate the old litter box with painful urination. She's still on the Clavamox and I've switched her food brands due to crystals in the urine.

However, when I think about it, the clumps in the litter box didn't seem like full-bladder urine... they were maybe the size of small limes instead of raquetballs. Okay, only analogy I could think of. Plus, about five minutes ago (the reason for my post), she urinated on my leather chair, which she had frequently urinated on during her UTI. And on the chair, it looked like it was full-bladder. I mean, there's a *lot* on there, compared to when she had the UTI.

So, I'm going to go get a new litter box today, but my question is -- would she really know the difference? I live in a small, downtown studio apartment where I can really only put the box in one place. The new box would have to be in the same spot as the old one. If I get a new one, will she see/smell/notice that it's new?

I feel bad for asking that, because obviously cats are not, in fact, stupid. But they are infamously stubborn, and Micky -- knowing her -- would be much too dignified to be seen urinating in a litter box. As you can all see, urinating on a fancy leather chair is much more appropriate to her taste...
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I would have another urine test done. It's very possible that the infection did not clear completely or that she could have crystals or stones.
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I agree with Sandie - sounds like she still has an infection
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could there be a possibility that she still smells urine on the chair? You may think it's clean but cats have a much greater sense of smell then we do. Maybe she's just urinating there because of urine oder that she detects and you don't.
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in that case, is there a product i could buy to disguise/get rid of the smell? i've just been using febreeze and paper towels (I'm incredibly broke).
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yes there are enzyme cleaners you can by at petsmart. There's one that costs about $4.00 but you have to put it in your own spray bottle.
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