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perfect symmetry

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Check it out folks. Yet Another perfect reason to celebrate.!

As the clock ticks over from 8:01PM on Wednesday, February 20th, 2002, time will (for sixty seconds only) read in perfect symmetry. To be more Precise: 20:02, 20/02, 2002. It is an event which has only ever happened once before, and is something which will never be repeated. The last
occasion that time read in such a symmetrical pattern was long before the days of the digital watch (or the 24-hour clock): 10:01AM, on January 10, 1001. And because the clock only goes up to 23.59, it is something that will never happen again.

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Actually the last time it did that was 10:01 on Oct 01, 1001. So the numbers read 1001- 10/01/1001.....
I think they mistyped it when they put down January 10th cause those numbers don't work out.

Very interesting Ady, I passed it along via email
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oops, I just realized that the Jan one does also work cause in Europe they do the date w/ the day first then the month. WOOPS, I should have known that after living abroad for 7 years. DOH!!
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But it was good thinkin!
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