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First Tree Climb for Little Elsie (cuteness warning)

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Elsie has been very sad watching her bigger cousins climb & play on their 5 1/2 Foot condo/tree...BUT this morning she FINALLY made it up and even reached the 3rd level I am so proud of her

Elsie & cousin Chucky...
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Oh goodness what an cutie!! (thanks for the cutness warning!!!)

Hurray for her making it to the 3rd level!!
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW!!! How adorable is she?!! Yay for the 3rd level!!
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She's definitely a cutie. Good job, Elsie!
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Elsie, you're so precious! Way to go, little one, for getting all the asay up there on your tree! Chucky, you're so adorable!
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Go Elsie!!

I remember a big moment like that for Ophelia. When they were babies, they would play king of the hill on my high-backed office chair. But since Trent was 2 weeks older, he could climb it better and always won. So one day, she decided that she was going to master climbing that chair! And she did - she practiced and practiced with such a look of dermination on a little kitten's face.

And then she looked so proud of herself, just like little Elsie does in that first picture!
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Chuckie looks like he's applauding her for her feat of bravery.
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Aw what sweet babies!
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Elsie and chuckie are so adorable. Yay Elsie for making it to level 3! I remember how happy I was when Smokey first climbed and made it up his cat tree. Chuckie sure does look like he was rooting her on. LOL
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Awwww bless her! I bet it felt like half a mile she climbed with those little legs, the clever girl
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What a little sweetie. You have 2 lovely kitties.
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Elsie & Chucky look very comfortable with the condo tree!
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AWWWW!!!! They are PRECIOUS!!!
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The two of them together are TOO DURN CUTE!!! (Yeah, I know you gave an alert, but still.... )
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Elsie is a very brave girl. Your kitties are adorable.
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Awww! What beautiful precious babies!
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