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Drooling problem??

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Hello all. In the past couple of days, I have noticed my two cats have not been eating very well, or not as good as they used to and one of them is drooling. He will be lying down and drool will just fall from his mouth. Is this cause for alarm?? It just started in the past 2 days. I think that I should take him in to the vet by my husband says to wait it out. What do you all think?

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If they are the kittens in you pic - it's time to bring them in - they could have gotten into something and kittens are so very very fragile - YES PLease take them to the VET. Even if it turns out to be nothing - it is always best to err on the side of safety!!!!
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Your cats both need to be seen by a vet. Drooling is a sign of toxic poisoning. Is it possible they have eaten something they were not supposed to. If they are inside cats think about houseplants, medicine, chocolate, pesticides. If they are outside cats think about antifreeze, insecticides, pesticides, plants etc, or maybe an mouse or something that could have been poisoned. My opinion is it sounds like both of them ate something that has caused this problem. The cat that is drooling could be in kidney failure if it has eaten something toxic. Call your vet, PRONTO.
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I vote for asking the vet. Good luck!
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Definitely to the vet... the only good drooling is pleasure drooling.... Ollie tends to drool when I scratch around his face and he acts like he's in heaven... but drooling for no reason plus an altered eating behavior is bad news...
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That was my instict as well. They are a little over a year, so they are not as young as in the picture. In any cas, just got off the phone with the vet and have an appointment for this evening.

Thank you for your advice.
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Thanks for being such a good mom - crossing my fingers that it is nothing!!! Let us know how it turned out!
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Please keep us posted how your cats are doing. We are all hoping for good news.
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