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Cat Friendly Shelter enclosures

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Hi all.

One of the my local SPCA shelters I volunteer for has adequate cat sheltering. Basically metal cages that are 2x2x4'. or variations of that dimension. However it’s still a cage and provides little if any mental stimulation or exercise possibilities for the cats/kittens while they await adoption. It is clean and sanitary. The cats have plenty of food and part-time love.
There are plenty of volunteers to take the cats out to play with and give them love, the resident vet technician is a real cat orientated person, BUT there are those hours where its basically cats in a cage alone in the dark.
We all know the importance of habitat for our feline friends and how it affects their personality and mental well being. I have gotten a good ear to the chair on the board of directors and wish to propose a change to their current set up.
I wish to propose a cat habitat that safely boards the cats and limits the spread of illness, easily serviced and cleaned that can fit within the current room confines of the building.
I humbly ask for your observations, photos, links etc to any cat habitats that you have encountered across the US, Canada and the World.

Please post your ideas, suggestions, links and photos below.

Thank you,

Ric and his cats in need of a new home.
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I'll move this to Cats SOS where those actively involved in Shelter work will see it.
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Thanks, didnt know where to put it.
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