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I can't sleep

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I'm sorry I keep talking about Tom being sick, but ever since it happened there's been such a change in routine that all my cats have gone mad.
I used to have one "problem kitty" but now, as everyone knows, with a change in routines.. all my cats can't seem to handle it.

Tom used to sleep in the couch in the living room with kata. They get along great.
Max and Sophie slept on my bed. There where fights but nothing compared to whats happening now.
When Tom got sick I moved him to the floor of my room, I put some cushions, a blankie and a bowl with water. He could walk but he couldn't jump so I prefered that he stayed on the floor.

Now Tom is alot better, he can jump on my bed. Kata has decided to stay on Toms side all the time [as usual]. So I have 4 cats on my bed at all times.
I used to allow it ever so often. On a cold night.. and on extremely cold nights ok 5 cats were allowed.
But I can't take it anymore.
There are fights at night.
This is the usual scenary [in case it helps?]:
Tom is sound asleep, Kata jumps on my bed and starts licking him [they are at the end of my bed]. Max jumps on my bed and hisses at Kata, she jumps off the bed, then jumps back to where my head is.. then sophie jumps, max hisses, she hisses back, she jumps back and hisses to kata... agh! there's also a bit of swating and bites in between. its a total mess. If the cycle goes on and I have turned the lights off I start putting cats down my bed but they jump right up and purr.. then another one gets jealous.

Last night I left them all outside, I closed the door and fell asleep. Except for Tom but he woke me up at 4am because he got on top of the desk and the keyboard fell.
I have never liked to sleep with the door closed. The room is stuffy.
Tom is now used to coming to my room, Kata follows him. How do I get him AND the rest [max, sophie and kata] to start sleeping in another place?
I'm going to miss them terribly but it would be for the best.
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um.. PLEASE?!?! Any ideas?
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Omg, it sounds like a struggle! I'm not sure what the solution is with five cats. How do they get along during the daytime? If they have no issues in the daytime, I can't help in the least. But if they do, maybe something of my experience may be of help.

I had some major issues with my three. Red Cat and Purdy had been sworn enemies and had been in many territorial fights in the yard when I took Purdy in. He had been a stray hanging around for six months, and they had each given the other injuries which led to abscesses. They continued to fight, and I mean REALLY fight for about three months before dominance and territorial issues were settled. I did a lot of praising good behavior when they were together and behaving, and I'd usually accompany that with petting them both, always the dominant one first. It sounds a bit humorous, but whenever it looked like they were building up toward a fight, I'd say, "Love one another" and position myself so I was almost but not quite blocking their view of one another. Both were so emotionally tied to me early on that I didn't really think they'd do anything to hurt me, but I still didn't want to risk getting directly between them. Usually when I did that, the dominant one would start to back off and I'd praise him lavishly and pet them both. "Oh, such good kitties!" Over the next four years they became fairly good friends, at least tolerated each other 99% of the time, and both eventually slept in bed with me without problems.

Then when I got Sheba a year ago, she immediately took over as dominant. She and Red Cat hit it off and would touch noses right from the start, but then and even now he leaves my lap or the best cuddle spot on my bed when she arrives. He knows who is really boss. But initially Sheba would chase Purdy off the bed all the time. And he would hiss at her whenever she came anywhere near for months. It has only been gradually over months, as I've applied the "Love one another" approach during the daytime that they have come to terms where all three can sleep on my bed with me without trouble at least 95% of the time. But the learning to get along had to be done in the daytime when I could see what was going on, not in the dark.

Good luck. Five personalities is a lot to be working with.
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thank you SO much for replying. My internet connection has been acting funny all day.

During the day they tolerate each other. They aren't friends and I only have one problem kitty that wants to fight with everyone. I think its because I never did a proper introduction. He came to my house when he was not even one month old and ever since then the rest of the cats can't stand him because he starts the fights [not the other way around].

At night, its the bed fight. But its between the 3 of them.

I think you've done such a wonderful job getting all your cats to get along or tolerate each other. I don't really know how much it would work with my cats because they do seem ok during the day.. hmm maybe working with my "problem kitty" could solve a bit of this problem.
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