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I'm selling my home!

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I've been wondering lately if I should get a job closer to home, as it sometimes takes me an hour to get home from work which really wears me down in the winter, then it struck me that the sensible thing to do would be to move closer to the office instead. My current place is in a lovely little seaside town, but that also means I'm paying a premium to live here, not to mention the cost of the petrol back and forth each day. Moving closer to the office would be good for any future jobs too.

I've seen a gorgeous, slightly bigger place that's 5 minutes from work, with two bedrooms (only have one now), and a garden! Would be wonderful to have outside space again! Plus it has wooden floors which the kitties would love!

Anyway, please keep your fingers crossed for me that I find a buyer soon (and that the owner of the place I like doesn't!) and that the whole process goes as smoothly as possible

Any tips on how to sell my home would be greatly appreciated
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Oh it sounds lovely. Good luck (on both ends), selling and buying.

My only advice is de-clutter. Pack stuff away if you have to in order to "open it up". The fewer things you have out the better. It gives people the impression of lots of space.
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How exciting for you, it sounds lovely too!

I agree that you should aim to declutter - keep things to a minimum! Make sure everything is clean and tidy too! Plus, you have to remember that it's not going to be your home anymore! (as they always say on these house programmes! )

Oooh, also, don't try to over power the place with nice smells - people will think you are trying to mask a horrible smell!

Other than that, you could put some plants outside your front door so your house has 'curb appeal'!

Okay, okay, so I watch too many house programmes!

Sending lots of sell your home quickly, buy new one soon }}}VIBES{{{
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I spent my whole weekend cleaning, decluttering and tidying! Now I just have to keep it tidy in case I get any surprise viewings - I've made Alfie and Max promise not to use the litterbox when we have potential buyers in the place!
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I hope Max and Alfie have listened carefully to Meowmy! I am sure they will do as they are told, as long as you keep reminding them of the extra room for them to play in!

If/when you get this place, will you lead train Max and Alfie, so they can play in the garden?!
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Definataly thinking about it, as I'd like them to go out but I wouldn't feel safe just letting them roam. I tried to put a collar on Max a while back and you'd have thought I was trying to murder him, so it may take some time!!
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It does take a bit of time, but it certainly is well worth it! Tibby and Molly love their 'walkies'!

Max and Alfie will love it once they get the hang of the idea!
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I've never bought or sold a home but I wish you the best of luck!!
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Congratulations, Clare! I know this will go perfectly for you, Max, and Alfie!
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Good luck Clare! How exciting . I have no advice as I've never sold a home, but I wish you luck!
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Good luck, Clare. Hopefully everything will go well. With the road fees that are being introduced there, it's a good idea to be as close to work as possible.
I just hope the rest of the EU doesn't follow suit.
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Good Luck
Sending good vibes for luck to this new goal to you!! ...

Please keep us updated!!!
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The new place sounds nice! Good luck!
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