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Kitten had a seizure

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We had a scare with one of our foster kittens, Molly, yesterday afternoon. She'd been fine playing and purring when she suddenly had a seizue. The poor little thing was so scared afterward. I rushed her to emergency vet and she was alternately panting and crying on the way there. They got Molly stabilized and tested her blood glucose level, which was normal. As of last night, she was wobbly a little when she walked, but was pretty much back to her sweet self. They were't able to determine the exact cause of the seizure, but think it could be related to head trauma she may have experienced before she was rescued or a parasite called toxoplasmosis. Another theory was epilepsy, but the vet said this is extremely rare in cats. Molly is being transferred to our regular vet this morning for some additional testing, so please send some good vibes her way.

Has anyone else had experience with a kitten having a seizure?
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Healing vibes to little Molly. Please keep us informed as to what your vet thinks.

Hugs to you too.
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vibes to moly
i've never had or even heard of a cat having a seizure i would be scared to death if it happened to my baby
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Healing vibes and prayers to Molly. Keep us posted.
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epilepsy isn not usual no, but not that unique... but on the other side usually you can treat it successfully, the cat having long years of good life.
Good your usual vet continues the testing.

You do have my good vibes too with you.
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Often enough when a young animal has a seizure, it's a one time freak thing and they never figure out what caused it and it never happens again. Hopefully Molly will be one of those who never has another seizure.

Toxoplasmosis is a possibility but it is pretty unlikely in a very young kitten. But if it is toxo, it is treatable so that is a good thing.
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I had this happen to me about a month ago. I got in three 3-week old orphaned kittens and about a couple days later late on Friday night like at 11:00 p.m. I heard one of the kittens throwing up in their cage. So I got up and checked on the kitten and she seemed fine at the time so I decided to just keep an extra close eye on her the next hour instead of going to bed. Good thing I didn't because about 20 minutes later I peeked in the cage again and the kitten was completely limp and looked like she was going to die. I immediately put her in a seperate cage with a heating pad and started freaking out because I really honest to god thought this kitten was going to die. I didn't even know what was wrong at the time. Around midnight the kitten wasn't any better so I force fed her and put Karo (sp?) syrup on her gums. About 15 minutes later I hear her start meowing and she starts walking. I put her on the floor to see how she is and she starts walking and dragging her head on the ground and walking in circles so I thought she had brain damage (and of course I am crying hysterically the entire time). Well needless to say we didn't sleep all night long and at 7:30 a.m. the next morning we headed to the vet with the baby that survived the night. They did test after test and found absolutely nothing wrong with her at all but everything I told them they said she definetly had a seizure. She is 8 weeks old today and perfectly 100% fine and healthy and happy now and I have never had any other problems with her. (We don't take kittens that young to the emergency clinic because they rather euthanize than help them, they are absolutely horrible there!!) So I think it was just a one time freak incident and don't think this kitten will ever have any problems again.
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Our sweet Peanut had seizures, due to cardiopathy - heart murmur and enlarged heart. So I do know what seizures are like - terrifying. If the vet did not detect a murmur, you should be OK with this one...it is not very common for cats to have the number of defects as Peanut did. I agree with others - may be a freak occurrance or maybe epilepsy, which as StefanZ said is not nec. life threatening.

I would say to watch him/her carefully for other seizures - small ones, such as an eye tick or some other small movement repeated very rapidly for a few seconds. Or watch for attitude changes, such as growling, hissing, or aggression, or even excessive fatigue. If you see any of these, call the vet again.

I am wishing you great luck and health with your little baby! Just try to watch - do not panic over what could be!
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My first kitten (got him around 2 months old) had a lot of health problems. He had his first seizure around 5 or 6 months. The vet told us he had an untreatable neurological condition and there was nothing he could do. We took him to another vet who seconded that opinion so we just took him home to make him comfortable. He gradually got worse, more seizures, would constantly fall over when trying to walk, couldn't eat or use the bathroom by himself. He was put to sleep when he was about 3 years old and it was heartbreaking since he was just the sweetest cat. I know how you feel about the seizures, they are terrifying. I hope things turn out well for your kitten.
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Thanks to everyone for your good vibes and feedback. Blueberry Beth and Cheesewoman I'm so sorry for your losses.

As of last night, Molly is back in foster home and seems fine. She's eating and playing like normal. Our vet ran some tests and found no signs of infection, nor did she detect a heart murmur. Her best guess is that Molly sustained a head injury at some point. We know her brother, Charlie, whom I've also posted about, was abused before he was rescued, so no telling what could have happened Molly. She's on antibiotics as a precaution for the next couple of weeks and we'll be keeping a close eye on her before putting her up for adoption.

Thanks again!
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