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Meooow, meooow, meooow !!!

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I have a terrible problem with Pitoune, my female Korat. We have been owning her for now 5 years and ever since she has been with us, she cries at night . She cries very loud and I'm even very surprised that I haven't had any problems yet with my neighbours !

I suppose she cries because she is on her own in the dark and doesn't seem to stand it when we are in bed. I would leave the bedroom open if it wasn't that she comes into the room and cries all her might. I even tried to take her with us in bed but she doesn't want to stay. All she seems to want is that we get up.

We try to ignore her crying but sometimes, she spends 1-2 hours doing it and it drives my husband crazy (he sometimes gets up at 4:00 a.m for his work !). It breaks my heart to hear her crying like that because I always have the feeling that she is terribly unhappy. I get up sometimes to see her and try to calm her down but it's not a solution (and it sometimes doesn't work).

I had even thought of taking a companion for her so she would maybe be less bored. The problem is that Pitoune has always lived on her own with us and I'm not sure that she would appreciate to share her home and masters with another one . She has been used in being the little queenie here and I'm afraid of her reaction. Even with a kitten. And I don't want to take the risk and have to bring back the second cat where I took it....

What on earth can I do to make her stop crying like that at night ? Does anybody have an idea ? Thanks in advance. :flower:
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But alot of cats will howl at night, just because they can! Is she fixed? (spayed)? If not, she may be lookin for a boyfriend.... meeeeoooww:tounge2: . My cats do it at night and it is bothersome, although I sleep like the dead, so it's not a problem for me.

There's lots of people here that can help you and give you better suggestions for ya....

VIVA LA FRANCE!!!! weeeee!
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they are rather quiet. I would take your kitty to the vet to have a check-up and see if she has been trying to tell you something. I would also get her spayed because that would help, although they are a rare breed and I could understand if you didn't want to do that. but it would help kitty out. I would also maybe get a night light for kitty and put it in the room to give her a little light to soothe her, maybe play really softly classical music for her, or even get her another feline companion. But I would take her to the vet first and foremost. Good luck!
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I would try leaving an object that has your scent in her favorite sleeping place. Maybe some old socks or a blanket. Our kitten cries outside our bedroom door when we go to bed and sometimes early in the morning to wake us up, but never for hours on end. I would not recommend a kitten as a companion for your older cat. It sounds like your cat has abandonement issues and a new cat would not change the situation. Good Luck
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Was she ever an outdoor kitty? We had a cat one time that howled all night and we realized she wanted to go outside. We ended up giving her away to someone living in the country. The city apartment was not her style I think. I think getting yours fixed and some of the other suggestions might be what you should try. Poor kitty.
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Thanks to all of you for your different advices.

In answer to your questions, Pitoune is sprayed . I bought her like that. And I don't let her outdoors for 2 reasons : first, because we live at the 4th floor and second, because these cats are not made to go outside. And she has never been outdoors before I had her.

The only moment in which she goes out in the garden is in the summer when I go to the country at my parents' house. She behaves very well . I let her go out and I follow her. We go strolling together . She even turns back sometimes to see if I'm still behind her. It seems to reassure her. I don't even have to put her a lease on. She loves it and when I decide to take her back inside, she stays meowing in front of the door to go out again :confused2 .

But that is in the daytime. She won't cry in front of the door by night. She only cries here at home. She won't cry when we are on vacation in another place than our appartment. Maybe because she doesn't feel confident enough elsewhere...

I thought that maybe she was afraid of the dark indeed. Who knows ? People are afraid of the dark, so why not animals ? In the morning, when dawn comes, I sometimes open the shutters so that she can have some daylight and I noticed that it seems to calm her down. I'm taking her to the vet's tomorrow for several little things and I will tell her what she thinks about it. I will see what she says...
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My Sparky sometimes cries at night, but it isn't a distressed sound, it's more like him calling out "Hello! Hello?" If I go to him, he acts polite but seems to be wondering what I'm doing and when I'm going to leave him alone. However, if I answer him with the same kind of meow, he eventually finds me and settles in and purrs himself to sleep. I don't know if it's a game for him, or maybe it has some meaning among wild cats, or something else entirely.

So my suggestion would be, answer Pitoune and see if anything changes. Perhaps she just wants to be reassured that you are there.
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Hi there, I agree with the sunlion:flash: :flash: I always talk to my kitty in kitty language. But I would also take her to the vet for sure. She might be trying to tell you somethings wrong with her thats all I have, I hope you find out whats wrong with her. good luck

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Just wondering what the vet said and if you ever got this resolved . . .
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