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inotroducing jack russel to Cat?

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I was just wondering i have a jack russel that is 8 years old. He is such a BEAUTIFUL dog. But he just goes crazy when he sees Cats and other male Dogs. Not the friendly crazy the k-i-l-l-i--n-g Crazy. Recently i tried to introduce my friends Cat to "dexter" But there was chaos. He just goes crazy and i thought he is 8 years old now and i can get a Cat without worrying about him. I just dont know how i am supposed to do it.
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Me personally i would forget getting a cat!.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Me personally i would forget getting a cat!.
I have to agree. I wouldn't even think about getting a cat. I think the only way a dog will tolerate cats is if the dog grew up with cats from the very beginning. My sis has a jack russel, but they had the cats before they got the dog. They get along just fine, but if the dog sees any other non resident cat he goes into kill mode right away...I have no idea why that is...

If you didn't get a kitten at the same time you got the dog, I wouldn't even think about it now...
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Jack Russells are notorious for being cat haters and killers. Many adoption sites state that they will not rehome a JRT to a home with cats for that reason. Delilah and Pierre came to live with me for a long time in part because of a JRT situation. Even those who have lived with cats for a while can be trouble. It's just in their nature, since they are driven to chase small prey. Check out the advice section at www.terrier.com for more info.
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well ive got a 7 half year old bitch jr and she is ok with my own cats but does go mad at other cats come in to the garden but she has been brought up with cats from a puppy. ive had 6 cats at verious times with her and she has taken to them very well and my youngest cat is dotty who is 1 year old
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If he is a JRT that doesn't like cats, no amount of trying will help him. He obviously doesn't want to play, so I would not get a cat to keep him company. His intentions are to hurt the cat.

Its like trying to get a cat who's killed birds/mice to play with a pet bird/mouse in the house and not kill it. You're asking for trouble.
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I have a JRT (male) and I also have 2 cats. My JR was an adult when I got both cats and they are fine (but this is probably the exception and not the rule) I definitely don't believe in pigeon-holing the JRTs as "cat haters" as it is hard to introduce a cat to most adult dogs in general.
I kept the cat in a room (with his food and box and bed, etc.) and then let them get used to each others scents through the door crack. Take a towel and rub all over the dog and put in the cats room and then take a towel or blanket the cat has laid on and give to the dog. This is a tedious process (it can take weeks!) and it is definitely not guaranteed. I think I agree with the "don't get a cat" idea. My JRT was never "vicious" towards the cats (even though he had never been around them prior to our aquisition of Pat and Bob) and at 8 yrs old he is probably cranky and set in his ways anyways. Good luck either way.
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Having had a JRT run my cats up trees, and follow them under the house, they are not the dog of choice to coexist with cats. My neighbor raises them, and they will break out of her yard and come over here and chase my ferals. They don't listen to her for squat either).
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I also had had a JRT and while he was extremely loving with our family he was vicious with everyone else. He used to try and attack my baby cousin whenever he visited the garden, killed birds, and chased every cat. It was not his fault this is just how they are. His breeders said they would give him to us if we had any cats at home.
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I'm sorry, but I agree with the others that you should not get a cat. You've made a commitment to care for your dog, and unfortunately it's his instinct to attack cats - it's not something you can change.

From the link Bob's mom posted, go to this page: http://www.terrier.com/wwwboard/forum.php3

and click on the "cats and Jack Russells" link, and read the true life testimonials - and those are stories from people who thought their cats & JRTs were getting along just fine. If you know your dog will attack cats, it's your responsibility to keep him away from cats entirely.
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no, don't get one
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It does not sound as if your JRT will allow a cat in your house, so I would have to agree with those who advised against it. My MIL's JRT is great with cats, but she has also been raised from puppyhood with a cat in the house. My best friend has one, and I would not trust her with a cat at all. Your dog has obviously already made your home its castle.

Below is a pic of Lexie the JRT and my girl, Sophie, during our last visit to NY. They had a lot of fun playing together, although it looks like Sophie has had quite enough in this shot!

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