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One of those days...

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Anyone else had one of those "I can't stand my cats days?"

It's been one of those days for me. This morning Alcott threw up-- not just vomit, but as he'd had fish soft food for breakfast it was lovely fish scented vomit. Naturally this happened on carpet, approximatly 3 inches from the tile floor.

As most of you know, I've been toilet training. It's going rather slowly for one of my kittens, London, but its been a recent consolation that he seemed to be improving- I still have to put him on the toilet when he looks like he needs to poop, but other than that no problems. Well tonight I was writing a paper and so I locked him out of the only room he ever poops on the floor of, thinking that without a choice he'd make his way to the bathroom and I could go place him on the toilet and give encouragement and all that. Wrong. Instead he pooped downstairs, something he's never done before. I cleaned it up, applied lots of Nature's Miracle, figured I learned my lesson, but it was relativly easy to pick up and flush. Well, moments later, I smell something, and realize that Alcott, the cat that is very consistent about using the toilet on his own, has pooped in the same spot- only his poo tends to be very "wet" and difficult to clean. So I had to apply loads of carpet cleaner, oxy clean, and nature's miracle. I go to flush the paper towels I used, and consequently clog the toilet. So I have to reach into the dirty, cat poop filled toilet and pull the paper towel out.

Sigh. One of those days.
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I suppose we all have that kind of days sometimes. You just want to strangle the little monsters, but when they come purring, looking so innocent and loving, you end up forgiving them in a second. Hang in there!
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ew sounds like you're having a right doozy of a day there..... yik! Sometimes I wonder why I ever stopped taking in kittens.... then days like yours remind me
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Mmm? nope can't say i have?!. I'd be lost without the little terrors causing mayhem in the house, then when they slow down their like little angels and it's soon forgotten about no matter what they did
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Mmm? nope can't say i have?!. I'd be lost without the little terrors causing mayhem in the house, then when they slow down their like little angels and it's soon forgotten about no matter what they did
Nope, nor me! I can't say I've ever had a bad thought about them or been annoyed by them in any way. Anything they do is either out of instinct, is my own fault for leaving *whatever* in their reach, or me not taking their 'catness' into consideration!
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I have to day some days when Pepper and Pixie are being extra bad I feel like locking them in their room for a while...but they look at me with their darling little faces and of course I'm a ball of mush.
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I thought my kitties were giving me a bad day! I hate that you had to clean up such a mess. Yuck!
Scooter and Pepper have been terrorizing Pearl since about 5:30 this morning. She is so upset that she threw up her breakfast, and growled at me when I scooped her up from in the middle of the 2 brats. I am considering making a lovely pair of tabby slippers.
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You know....I was just getting ready to post a new thread about how close to either moving my half dozen out or moving myself out! My cats are driving me absolutely insane!!!!!!! They are running through the house, vomiting on my table runner and place mats, vomiting on the bare kitchen table, tearing up paper towels, toilet paper, some receipt I dont even know where it came from....they are playing with poop. POOP! What can I do? Take the litterbox away from them??? And Haylee Marie is the culprit. She takes all of the toy balls and hides them, and then plays with poop. I have the cleanest floors this side of the country, I swear!

I told them all this morning, that either they settled down, or I was moving out, and good luck figuring out how to open that canned cat food themselves, the little nasties.

But I love them...and thats the problem!
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Yes, I have those days! However, Garfield is currently giving me a foot massage, and Festie is resting near me in a sunbeam. Most of the time they are just little love-bugs.

But the puking/pooping/fighting etc days can get me down. I'm a firm believer in quitting, or like Diane said, threatening moving out. Just the idea that you can give up for an hour or two helps! Then you get back to being the responsable one again.

More than once I have said to Gar or Fest that I could take them to the adoption show...but I never mean it. For good or bad, they are family members now and forever. And honestly, if someone wanted them, I wouldn't give them up. They enrich my life.
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I had a similar day, which included getting petromalt off the ceiling....twice.
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Can't say I've ever had any of those days. I guess I just accept them for who and what they are and have no expectations of them other than being animals that we love to bits.
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I think I could get angry with everyone I know from time to time, except my cats!
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