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problem with cat's tail?

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Hi-I'm brand new here.I have 2 cats-have had them since February this year(from a rescue centre).I have not had cats before.One is 4 and one is 3.
One is half Siamese and yesterday I noticed his tail was hanging down and he isn't moving it.If I put my hand on it near the base he meows and/or hisses.I have felt along the length gently and can't feel any breaks.His fur is slightly matted in one place on his back near the base of his tail.His tail did twitch yesterday near the tipwhen I touched it but not today.He is eating and drinking etc normally and is jumping up on the sofa/windowsill etc with no problems.I am trying to get him a vet's appointment today,but does anyone know what this could be and if it's likely to get better?
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I do hope he will get well in the end, but I think preciselely as you a vet should look at it as he isnt better today.
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It could be anything of course but one possibility is an abscess: My Usva's tail was exactly the same, completely limp and very painfull. Luckily the x-ray showed no fractured bones, it was basicly just a tiny badly infected puncture wound, acquired most likely when she run off from the window for a couple of hours. The abscess was emptied under anesthetic and she got a jab of antibiotics.

Usva was none the worse because of the experience, her shaved tail looked funny for a long time, though. I hope your cat has just something similar, nothing broken.
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This sounds like an abscess. He needs to see a vet soon (within 24 hours) but it is not a serious emergency. It is painful, however, so he will appreciate having it taken care of ASAP.
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We have an appointment today at 2pm.Thank you for your advice.
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Could be an abscess, a puncture wound (either on his tail or near his butt), or a bruised or sprained tail. Maybe he got it caught in something?
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It's an abcess-well 2 actually-huge ones-lots of pus came out when the vet pressed so she has shaved that part of his tail and given him 2 injections,10 days worth of antibiotics(2 tablets twice a day-what fun) and I have to wash the wounds with salt water and try and keep them open and draining-he doesn't like that much so that's difficult.The vet said she was amazed he was eating and drinking as his temperature was really high.Also found out he weighs 14.5 pounds-he's not fat though-just solid We have to go back in 10 days or sooner if I can't keep the abcess draining.Any ideas on how to keep the holes open?
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I use warm, wet wash cloths, 3 or more times a day to keep the area soft and prevent it scabbing over.
Had to do this very thing recently when one of my cats bit my dog's butt.
Just give him a nice treat after every pill/soak, etc.
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That's not going to be easy-he won't eat tuna or chicken or anything that I can think of to treat him with-lol.
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Well, does he get into cuddles and a good ear/chin scratch?
Sometimes a little extra lovin is all the treat you need.
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Yeah he loves cuddles
Managed to give him 2 tablets so far-though he did spit them out a few times first-lol.I was a bit scared of him biting me but managed it in the end
Have washed his tail a few times and he's moving it now.He keeps licking it though-is that OK?I'm worried it's going to close up-only a little pus came out of it earlier.He really hates me washing his tail-lol

Am I allowed to post a pic of him?
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Of course you can post a picture of him. I love seeing others cats. Cats will lap at sore areas. Its hard to make them stop.
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I'm sorry you're going through this experience, but I'm hugely relieved that these other "Cat Owners" have so much knowledge. It encourages me that I can get some advise if ever I have a problem with my furbabies. Thanks for telling us what the vet said and how you're treating this. Can't wait to see pics.
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