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What to do about homeless cat?

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Over the summer our kitty made friends with a uneutered male orange tabby cat with crossed eyes. Our kitty is spayed and flea treated; she mainly is an indoor cat, but goes out to play when it's warm out.

My 18 year daughter started to feed "Potato", and thou at first he ran away from us, now he lets her pet him, and doesn't struggle when she picks him up. He is a really good-natured sweet cat. She brought him inside once, and he meowed until we let him back out. I know he doesn't have a home because we have been feeding him for over three months, and he was soo skinny and scruffy.

I feel bad because it is starting to get cold, and I wonder what will happen to him. I have cracked the garage door, so hopefully he sleeps there, but it's still cold. We feed him every day. I also worry because he is not fixed , and there are other neighborhood cats around that I am sure are not fixed even thou they have homes, and I don't want to find litters of kittens in our garage. I really cannot afford the vet care, flea meds or have the time for another cat, but just feeding him doesn't seem like enough. If I take him to the humane society he may be put down. Really I am angry at who ever is the irresponsible person who caused this whole mess. I would never abandon Sugar. Maybe I should just try to get him fixed, and he can live in our garage, and be fed, and have some sort of family....

I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?
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Many cats that have been outside all their lives don't really take well to being inside. They always have that desire to be outside ya know? You could try seeing if he would stay in your garage, but I don't know is ti would fly. ANother suggestion would be researching and seeing if there is a "no-kill" shelter in you area. Palces like that don't ever put down animals and usually have a really high adoption rate. There is one in the area I live and the animals there all seem to be adopted really fast. Good Luck!
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Most no-kill shelters will not take feral cats unless they specialize in feral cats. My suggestion is to find the $50.00 to at least get him neutered and vetted. Then make him a secure place outside where he can winter and stay warm, or make the garage warmer for him to be there as well. But please get him neutered-
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I just was reading the links for my area for feral( even thou he really isn't feral, he seems more like he once had a home) neutering and vet programs, so I shall call them tommorow during lunch, and hopefully I can get him fixed. Poor kitty. Sugar is sitting on the computer desk "reading" this as I type, she says:
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Thank you for caring!
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It's really great that you actually took an intrest in helping a poor kitty! It makes me smile! Keep us posted on your progress!

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As I read it. You are more then halfway with domesticiszing him. And if he once WAS domesticized the rest will be be fairly easy now.
If you will have him as indoor cat, or cat allowed to go out, or even cat living outside the house in garage/own shelter - like most farm catsa are - but belonging to you - is a later question.
And to have two cats is often easier then to have one cat - especially as they are friendly to each other - both for you humans and for the cat.

But whatever you do, to neuter him is a big and important step.

Good luck!
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