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Eyes and ears

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We've just acquired a 1 year old Turkish Angora. The previous owner told us that we have to clean her ears with 'Sulfodene Ear cleaner' every 3 days because if they get dirty it could be dangerous. I grew up with a cat and we never cleaned her ears. They were a bit dirty looking sometimes but we never even thought about it. Could you tell me more about cats and ear hygiene?

She sometimes winks a bit in one eye. The previous owner gave us some drops and said that her vet said something about fur or lashes (????) growing into the eye. Has anyone run across this problem? We'll have to take her to the vet soon for vaccinations so we can ask them.
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I have never heard of the eye thing.

The ear thing. My Russian Blue has very dirty ears. I can't figure out why he is the only one who gets it but his ears have to be cleaned out at least twice a week. The vet checked and said he doesn't have ear mites anymore so I just clean them out as often as I can.

I check all their ears once a week to make sure they are clean.
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