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cat jumping on mosquito net

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Hi I live in a 5th floor flat in Seoul and our new 1 year old cat keeps trying to climb the mosquito screens across the windows. They're strong enough but I have visions of them giving way one day. What can I do to deter her? I've heard cats don't like lemon. Shall I rub the window area?
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Does she have a cat tree or condo she can climb on? Enough cat toys? A good scratch pad? Is she a former outdoor cat?
My windows (and doors) have screens, and none of my cats (indoor/outdoor) have tried climbing up. Though I've seen them smell and even lick the screens and rub their sides on them. But I believe that's part of their communication system.
Anyway, I suggest that everytime you catch her going up the screen, firmly say NO and make a loud sound like a handclap and get her down. In time she will learn to avoid the screen (when you are around at least). When you are out, she should be entertained enough for her to ignore the windows which is why I asked about the cat toys and the tree.
I hope I helped.
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I don't know if you can find this there. But you can get heavy duty screening to replace the regular screen in screen doors and windows and it's meant to stand up to the wear & tear of pets.
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I don't know. Mine usually only jump on the screen when a bug was flying around it. Other than that, they tend to leave it alone.
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I am in Australia and you can get stuff here (as was previously discussed) that is meant to be semi scratch resistant. It is made of metal (we have used it) and is very strong. That being said, they still scratch it and can still pull holes in it, but I am yet to see a full tear.

I have tried many times to get my cat, Kami, to stop jumping on the screens, but when she sees a gecko, she just goes for it (on to the screen), regardless of whether the window is closed or not. The only thing that deters her somewhat is making sure the window is not easy access in terms of something for her to jump up on to get to it. A lot of the time she wont bother jumping up to get it if it is not really easy!

All the yelling in the world wont stop Kami when she is in hunting mode. Spraying water is a great tool, but did not work on the screens with her, she just keeps jumping up there.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.
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My cat trys to bang on the screens as hard as he can to pop them out of the window and door. He hasn't been successful yet, but he keeps trying. The only thing is to keep an eye on the screens. If they look like they have wear and tear, then replace them. You can try buying cat trees. They do sell deterent spray at the pet stores, which is a citrus blend, costs about $3-$4. I don't know if it works. Good Luck!
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I think I should get a cat tree. She hasn't got enough to climb on. She's not been so bad today so maybe it was initial curiosity.
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