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online shopping rant

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Since I got this computer, 4 years ago, I've done quite a bit of online shopping and have never had a problem, until now. Charges to my credit or debit cards have been correct and I've always received my merchandise, in a timely manner. This has changed, with ONE merchant.

I have been dealing with a flea infestation. Flea shampoo, spray and bug bombs are readily available, at a reasonable price and I've gotten rid of the fleas. To avoid any future problems, I was going to use FrontlinePlus. Local veterinarians and Petco prices are sky-high (PetsMart doesn't carry it) so, I went shopping online.

One merchant (who shall remain nameless, due to liability issues), had FrontlinePlus, at half the local price and I placed an order, on Sept. 19. On the same day, I ordered another item, from a different pet supplier, Jeffers Pet. THAT item arrived, in three days. According to the other merchant's order status page, my FrontlinePlus order is STILL on hold, despite their claim that it would ship within 4-7 days.

This evening, I e-mailed them and cancelled my order and informed them that any charges to my account will be disputed. I will NEVER order from this company again, as my first experience has been so unpleasant.
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They blew it, Cindy! Bummer. But you did the right thing.
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What a pain, Cindy!
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Oh total P in the A! Sorry to hear that!
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Its a pain when things like that happen
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I wonder if it's the same place my sister ordered Frontline from? She got it after two weeks. We thought at the time that Katrina might have slowed things down.
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i always SHOP online, and now you have me paranoid. I just received a pet supply catalog that has feline greenies at half of the price and I was going to place an order today.
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