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Belly Bloating?

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Sorry if this is a stupid question, but how do you tell if a kitten's belly is bloated or if its just food? Marlee has been a little constipated lately, and had some gas. Shes still eating great (the 1/4 cup recommended), drinking lots, peeing lots, and pooping atleast once a day (even though she has a little trouble, and its not always a whole lot). Her belly feels a little big to me, but she never cries or winces, or anything when I pick her up. I've even held her and pushed around on it a little to see her reaction, doesn't seem to bother her at all. I'm taking her in on Friday for a round of shots, could I wait til then? I'd be more worried if there was any other signs/symptoms, but as of now its only a little constipation and gas! Any opinions?
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Just make sure that when you see the vet on Friday they perform a fecal sample to rule out worms or other parasites. Unless this little one actually stops poo'ing, I wouldn't worry too much - you have the appointment and Kitty is acting normally otherwise. In the infamous words of my parents, "Don't borrow trouble, it can find you easily enough all on it's own".

Let us know what the vet says when you see him on Friday.

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A tummy that's bloated because of food will get bigger and smaller depending on how recently the kitten has eaten. Plus the bulge will be high in the abdomen, just past the rib cage. A wormy bloat will be more centered in the abdomen and will stay about the same size and firmness.

I agree with Gayef that even if your kitten does have worms, you should be fine waiting until your scheduled appointment on Friday. Most kittens do have worms so that is to be expected, but as long as the kitten is not showing signs of sickness then there is no harm in waiting for a vet appointment.
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Thanks for the replies. Marlee has already been dewormed once, but I know from reading on here that sometimes it takes more than once! So thanks again, and I'll definately post back on Friday after her appointment!
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