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Curious about a breed

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Everytime I am in the vet's office I kill time by looking at his Cat Breed chart he has on the wall. One long haired beauty is called a Tiffany. I have never seen any one post on these cats. Are they really rare? Does anyone know about them? I am not going to get one because strays keep showing up at my door, but I am curious.
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Hi Chris!

I can't speak for the USA but here in NZ they are quite rare. Infact we only have two people breeding them. They are longhaired Burmese-

Here is a few facts about them!


They used to quite common here in NZ, but I haven't seen them on the bench for a few years.

They are beautiful aren't they!
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They used to be called Foreign Longhair, not sure which Fanciers association accept them for registry.
They are also known as Chantilly, or Chantilly/Tiffany.
Maybe that will help you track down some info.

Whoa, those are beautiful cats.
I'd never seen any before, only knew about them.
I just found out why.

Apparently they are endangered in the US and breeders are working on bringing them back.
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I've only heard of them or read in a book, but I was under the impression they were "longhair" burmese? Anyone know for sure?
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(taken from a website, unsure if i can post site here or not)

Chantilly/Tiffany cats are very rare. Though the breed has been around for a few decades, it did not gain necessary numbers and is not as popular as some other feline breeds. The history of the Chantilly/Tiffany cat started in New York when J. Robinson bought a pair of longhaired cats names Thomas and Shirley. They were of deep chocolate color and resembled the Burmese cat in appearance. In 1969, the first litter was born. The kittens were all chocolate and lacked characteristics of the Burmese breed. It appeared that the Burmese cat had no relation to the new breed.
J. Robinson started a breeding program that resulted in about 60 kittens produced. The breed was registered as "sable foreign longhairs" by the American Cat Association (ACA). The cats appeared in a show ring and attracted attention of some feline breeders.

After J. Robinson stopped breeding the cats, Sigyn Lund continued developing the new breed. Since judges insisted that the name of the breed was too general and had to be changed, Sigyn Lund named the breed Tiffany. She was a great admirer of theater and called the breed so after the Tiffany Theater. Plus, the name emphasized the elegance and class of the cat.

Lund's breeding program turned out to be a success. However, there was still much confusion as to the origin of the Tiffany cat. Since Lund also bred Burmese cats, the public mistakenly assumed that the Tiffany cat was a longhaired Burmese. This misconception spread and consequently, the Tiffany cat was accepted by the TICA into Burmese section. Tiffany numbers were still small and the ACA decided to drop the breed from recognition. Eventually, the Tiffany cat found itself close to extinction.


i found 1 cattery of Tiffany's online Amorino Cattery in IL.

Gorgeous cats though!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45
I've only heard of them or read in a book, but I was under the impression they were "longhair" burmese? Anyone know for sure?
Yup, they are!
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Interesting! Thanks everyone! They are really pretty!
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Very interesting - I had heard of the breed but really knew very little about them. They sound like beautiful cats though!! Thanks!
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