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Job search not going well.....

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Well I have been looking for a new job and I'm starting to get frustrated already!!

I would like to work in a medical office(vet, doc or dentist, etc) of some kind as a receptionist. But every job I look at, you have to have some kind of experience in that! How do I get experience if I can't get a job in it without experience! I can't think of any other jobs that will hire without some kind of degree. I have my high school diploma and 2 years of Tourism classes under my belt but that's about it.

Sorry but I just had to vent. Anyone else have troubles finding a job without a degree and what did you do about it?
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Maybe try a temporary employment service? Almost all of the receptionists I hired started out as temporary employees.
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Originally Posted by captiva
Maybe try a temporary employment service? Almost all of the receptionists I hired started out as temporary employees.
That's a thought. Its a good way to get experience, too. Check out a temp-to-hire place.
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You just have to try to find some place that is willing to train you as you work.

I knew nothing when I started my job at the veterinary hospital. Now I know quite a bit. But, unfortunately, with little or no experience they don't pay very well. But now that I have worked here for a while I can apply to another job that requires experience. Which is what I will be (hopefully) doing before the holidays.

Just keep a look out in the paper. Maybe take some classes that would help you. Classes like typing and medical terminology. I'm sure that would look good when applying.

Wishing you lots of good luck!!
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If you want to work in that field, have you considered taking a course - at a community college or even a Junior College - that would qualify you to be a medical secretary. There are specific courses one needs for these positions - knowledge of medical terms for example and of course word processing software skills and so forth. Many schools also place students for a work term and you can cite that as experience and get to know what kind of medical work you would like to do. Medical transcription is another similar field. There are even online programs, for ex: http://www.active-online-courses.com...secretary.html

My own secretary has a Bachelor's degree in Business - which she completed while she was working. She had a diploma as a medical secretary when I hired her and had worked at a hospital as an administrative assistant.

You could also volunteer at a hospital and offer to help with archiving records or helping out in the many offices. Or you could find a job not in that field and take courses in what you ultimtaley want to do at the same time. The shorter route though is some kind of course. There are too many people with degrees and experience of some form or another at a hospital. There are also certifications provided by Hospital Associations that you can take once you are working at a hospital - say you start as a clerk and then move up. You could say work in an Admissions Department and obtain experience, taking courses at the same time. Or, work in a billing or Records management office and take the relevant courses.
I have to admit I would NOT hire someone without the requisite education, experience and backgound - but I would certainly give serious consideration to someone who had volunteered at a hospital and thus understood the medical system and had taken some courses at the same time. A colleague of mine has his wife working for him and even though she has a degree in social work, she is taking anatomy and phsyiology this term so she can better help him. You have to take into account that doctors just do not have the time to train someone to do the job. We really need someone who is a critical thinker, works well as a team member, comprehends the medical system and its terminlogy - since s/he has to handle correspondence and other documents and has excellent computer skills -especially in word processing. My secretary continues to take courses all the time and now is studying HTML but also has almost completed her certification as a Certified Health Executive. (which many hospital administrative assistants also take to move up into hospital admin).You could also start out as a receptionist at a hospital or medical/dental clinic and move up from there.

I hope this is helpful. Good luck!!
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I train people to do clerical work like that and my company also has job placement services In our area, you need to know a lot of specific thihngs to become a medical receptionist. I've even had ex-cna's have a hard time getting into thoes positions. But people do get into them.

I would suggest working with a temp agency for a while. It'll gain you experience and sometimes it opens doors. Doing some volunteer work can help some people too for experience. Also, make sure your resume and cover letter are top notch as far as formatting and grammer and all that. That's another thing I teach. And I know my boss will not consider a cantidate for a position with our company if thier cover letter and/or resume is not up to par. (After all, how can you teach someone to do these things or help them get jobs if you can't make your own professional enough ya know?) If you would like any help with your resume and cover letter, PM me and I'd be glad to help!

I had a difficult time finding a clerical job so I got training as a client at the company I now work for and there I was able to work as the receptionist durring my training. Unpaid of course, but relevant experience that got on my resume! And then a month or 2 after I finished they hired me as an instructor for the classroom.
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Job hunting can be so frustrating! Sure hope you find the perfect job for you very soon, Courtney!
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Yah, makes two of us babe. I'm in the same boat right now too. Chin up though - what's for you won't pass you by! Good luck!
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I'd apply for the jobs I liked even if I didn't have the necessary experience, you may find that if you actually get an interview they like you so much they're willing to train you. Don't know if you don't try!

Good luck
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I have no advice, just wanted to say good luck Courtney. I'm sure something will turn up!
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Temp agencies are great you get a foot in the door and find out if you and the company fit... Also register with your local job service or labor bourd..
i did nothing but temp work for two years and am in a completely different feild

fyi a freinds husband has a phd in a good feild and works at a convenience store till the right job shows... degree or not anymore its hard..
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