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3 poems i wrote

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I’m always told that if I be myself, friends will come to me.
But how do I know if the are trustworthy?
I do not play well with others.
Will I be this way forever?
I’m tired of being on the run.
I just want to get out and have fun.
I live in fear of being betrayed.
That’s why I tend to stray away.
Even though I know I should be more social,
I still refuse to let you get closer.
My hatred for people has been with me for so long.
I will not let it go though I know it is wrong.
It’s hard for me to trust anyone now.
So many people have made me frown.
Go on stab me in the back!
Then my trust you will lack!
It’s guaranteed you will get caught.
I’m experienced, so many wars I have fought.
I don’t care what you do.
Just know that I will never trust you.

“Wake Upâ€

When I lay myself to sleep at night,
I pray that I won’t wake to see the light.
Every morning my wishes don’t come.
As I open my eyes to the morning sun.
Once again I go through a day of pain.
Just like the days when Raven was my name.
Walking through the day with little patience.
To every little thing I take offense.
I haven’t cried yet but I know the tears will come.
All the more reason why I hate waking up.

“My Friendâ€

My friend she’s struggling with her life.
She so badly wants to be a wife.
Afraid to be alone.
She strays from her home.
I look at her now.
She does nothing but frown.
It has been a long while,
since I last saw her smile.
She’s nothing but a new toy,
for another boy.
She no longer leaves her room.
I tell you her life is blue.
My friend isn’t even a friend you see,
My friend truthfully is me.
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Oh my. I see a lot of pain.
Do you have cats? Are these written from the cat's point of view or from yours?
If you read this, respond if you can. I'll check the thread so we can talk if you want to.
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I have 1 cat and it's my point of view.
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love the poems, i write poems myself and will have to post some of mine also. keep on the good work!!
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Wish I could write poems expressing how I felt. I admire your talent.
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