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how to introduce a new kitty?

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I'm afraid i need some advice.

I currently have two cats, both just plain old moggies rescued a few months ago from a local shelter because there time was up and i just couldnt leave them. Some of you may have seen an earlier from me, I went to volenteer and lest with two cats . The only shelter in my area does not operate a no kill policy. Anyway I know have Susie a 12Y/O female and Bandit a 16Y/O male. Both are up to date with shots and have been spayed/neutered.

My brother in laws friend currently has 3 kittens between 12-14 weeks. It makes me so mad because the same shelter i got my cats from encouraged her to take the 3 kittens even tho she lives in a bedsit!! I am so mad. Anyway she is not coping with the kittens at all and is looking to rehome them. She has asked us to take one which i am more than happy to do.

Bandit and Susie are both good natured cats and they do socialize well with other cats in our building. Susie can be a bit funny with strangers but it only last a matter of minutes.

My main question is how would i introduce Jack to the resident two? We currently have a guest room that neither of the cats use at all so I was thinking of having Jack confined to that room using the baby gate so the others could see and smell him and start introducing him over a few days/weeks but only let them interact while we were present, returning Jack to his room when we go out. The living room is currently bandits territory where as our bedroom is Susies so Jack having the guest room is fine.

Am i going about this in the right way?? or by seperating them at first am i making trouble for myself?
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Allie....read this post...which is all about introducing cats:


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I've moved your thread to the Behaviour Lounge as this is where it should be. Thanks.
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