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Looking for help dying my hair two colors!

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Maybe I need a consult with Lil_Axel_Girl! I saw someone with medium brown hair, who had a layered haircut. The top layer was brown, the middle layer was pale blond, and the bottom layer was brown! She had a few blon highlights on top...I just can't find a pic anywhere, or how-to-directions!

Can anyone help?
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Sounds like a foil job over natural color...whereas you take specific pieces or chunks of hair, apply color and wrap in foil. You then move to the next chunk and apply a different color. Takes some time...comes out great though if done correctly.
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Just my opinion, but I would soooo let someone else(like at a salon) do that for you. I dont know if it was your intent to do it or just for directions to take to someone.
My hair is done similarly(with the foils like leesali mentioned)...except with 3 colors, brown on bottom layer, plum on the middle layer with a few blonde, and alternating plum, brown and blonde on the top layer. Even my stylist has trouble keeping the colors from bleeding onto one another sometimes and she had been doing it for almost 2 years.
My hair is thick and usually around shoulder length when she does it and it takes around 4 hours to do. It is just me, but I couldnt do anything like that for more than an hour. I would get tired and bored after part of my head was done and go do something else.

Good luck!
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Yes, I'm definitely planning to have someone else do it! But unless they have seen it or done it before, I'm afraid they won't even know what I am talking about!

Would you post a pic of your hair, Mferr?

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Okay, here are a couple that are just of the top layer, I am fixing to get in the shower and after my hair is washed and dried, if you want I will take pics of the other two layers.
of the back(a few days ago)
this was the night I had it done... you see the front strand with a reddish tint, it is one that some of the red bled on... it was fixed a couple days later
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Very pretty, thanks for the pics. I'm hoping to get this done soon.
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A rule of thumb here, from someone that's been foiling her own head from the age of 12.

2. You always want to work in layers, for examples, your color woll look best with more highlights around the face, working to less around the back. When pulling a section of hair, you will notice, that the sections around the top are built up of primarily highlight, with a little bit of mid tone, and even less lowlight... and that percentage changes down the depth of your hair, stop adding highlights at eyebrow height!! and dye the rest the same as your lowlight color.
4. make sue to get a trim after you color

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Go to a hairdresser. Invaluable info.....
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I'm definitely going to have it done, but I hope to have a pic to show her what exactly I want. I can't even do simple highlights myself, although I have done one color myself. (Looked real good, too, because the professional highlights kept showing through!)
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I would have it done also, if not done right the blonde will bleed through where you don't want it..They do such a great job when you have it done, It's to tricky to get it right
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Find a friend that is into hairdressing and stuff, like those that even go to beauty school or what not. If you don't have one, go to a salon. It's just always good to have hairdressers as friends cuz then you can get this kind of stuff done for free
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Do you know what the style is called, when the top layer is natural color, and underneath is the dye, just peeking out at the ends?

I promise I'll have a professional do it! LOL! I'm 43 years old, it will be enough for me to have an unusual hair color. If I show up at work (as a nurse) with a botched color that I did myself...I would be mortified!

LAG, when I was younger I had a friend who had been cutting hair since she was 6 y/o, in her dad's barber shop. She was cheap, and very good! Now I have to pay, but I still don't go to the high priced salons. I went to Mario Tricocci once, and it cost $250 to perm my hair. How do you tip on that?!?! I prefer a $10 haircut, with a $5 tip if they do a good job! I have someone now who is good, but don't know how to explain the coloring job to her!
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