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Anyone have experience with Valium?

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Tomorrow I have to have an MRI. Since I'm claustrophobic my doctor prescribed Valium to help with the anxiety. The warning labels say that it may cause drowsiness, but how much? Should I expect to be a little distracted or really sleepy? Any feedback would be helpful.
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Christy, it is probably only 5 mg at best 10? You will feel relaxed, but not knocked out. Just have someone drive you to and from the appointiment. I hope they find anything major-
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The first (and only) time I took Valium was for a procedure at the doctor to relax me before putting me in anaethetic. I distictinctly remember the feeling of floating up the stairs to their procedure area. Definitely have someone else available to drive you, because you won't be in any shape to drive yourself under the influence of Valium. Even if they don't give you as much as they did for me (I have no idea what the dose was since it was all done in-house), you will definitely be too relaxed to drive.
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Thanks for the feedback. I figured I'd be calling a cab to get back and forth from the appointment And it's nothing serious-our Headache clinic routinely performs MRIs for all patients with migraines.
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My surgeon prescribed both me AND my mom valium for our nerves the night before my surgery. My mom was having a horrible time with me 'going under'. I dont remember the amount per dose... I just know everything was all good!!
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The only time it was ever prescribed to me was in high school as a muscle relaxer for TMJ. I fell asleep in history class every day.
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Ditto to what has already been said. It is a benzodiazepine so is an anti- anxiety medication often give for preop or procedures like you will undergo. Usually, you will have 5 mg (yellow scored tabs), or 10 mgs (blue scored tabs). It affects ppl differently but the majority feel drowsy, especially the first time they take it. Some ppl can become quite adjusted to it and not feel sleepy, just mildly relxed (or a lot relaxed, depends on the person). You are wise to take a cab or even if you have someone accompany you, that would be good as well. (We administer some tests we will NOT do if the individual is alone) You might also feel light headed or somewhat dizzy.

I have never had an MRI (have too much hardware in my body) but have seen many patients have them and they are really painless and nothing to worry about. I think the valium will help your anxiety. Be careful not to take any other meds - unless your doctor suggests to do so - while you are taking it.

I was prescribed valium while in hospital for spinal surgery years ago since it is also a muscle relxant but there are not better medications for that. We usually give our pediatric patients xanex or if necessary, versad so that they do not even recall it. Valium is not prescribed as often as it once was since there are meds that accomplish the same objective (anxiety relief) without the side effects.
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I used to get valium for my insomnia.
I couldn't sleep because my mind always raced (I'm a natural worrier).
My Dr quite logically told me that valium, being a muscle relaxer, would help, since the brain is a muscle.

I was on 10mg but I only allowed myself to take it in extreme cases.
It was enough to make my brain fuzzy enough to sleep.

It will help you a ton, and chances are, you'll only be given 2mg or 5mg
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Valium (along with percocet) made everything 'beautiful' when I injured my back a few years ago. I'd say as long as your not driving and it's not too high a dose you'll be fine. I had a hard time walking I was so druged up on all that.
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I have a prescription for Valium to take as needed.
I only take it when I am overwhelmed by something going on to calm down.
I did not used to like it because it would knock me out.
Now it just calms me down when I feel like I am gonna lose it.
I take the 10mg, but sometimes only 1/2 of one.

I did give one ( I know, bad, bad, bad!) to a girl I worked with before when she was having a really bad day. She was crying because she had a miscarriage the day before and was at work really wanting to go home. Some stupid *ss (Hi Terrie!! ) kept saying she should stay and work to keep her mind off of it and she shouldnt be alone. I did not agree, but .... they wouldn't let her go home. Would you want someone forcing you to stay and work when you are that miserably upset. I thought she should be able to go home, take a nap and not have to deal with the demanding job she had to do.
Anyway, I gave her 1/2 of one and she got really tired and a little spacey from it. She was fine, but would've been much better if she werent THERE.
She had someone take her and pick her up from work.
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I was given Valium to relax me before my LASIX procedure. It did help keep me from feeling nervous, but I was so excited about having it done, I didn't relax completely.

I agree that you mustn't drive yourself home after your procedure.
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as im a cronic immsoniac my dr has given me 25mg of the stuff,but i take 1/2 a tab at night,and i still manage to wake up a couple of times a night
but the effects u get are quite pleasant feelings of being really relaxed,thats why its so addictive.
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