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Feebs Dietary Transition

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When Dietary wellness became a forefront issue with our cats because of the Loss of our Ginger the Feebs food went right in the rubbish. At first the Feeb ate some of the raw diet but soon backed off entirely. I figured he was in mourning. The addition of the new kittens seemed to throw him into depression. Feeb was not eating. To add insult to injury an injury that I think happened a year ago surfaced in a big way. A torn ligament thrust the Feeb into a world of pain. Off to the vet He was given pain killer that I'm sure lessened his desire to eat. I have gone through letting him eat anything as long as he will eat something... Anything! I tried hand feeding him canned chicken and tuna and tried to get some vitamins in him. He wont eat the Wellness Salmon Kibble so we tried the Regular. I can see a turnaround at this point. The Feeb has been eating the kibble a little at a time and is starting to eat some rabbit. I caught him pawing at the defrosting rabbit tonight. I'm trying to feed him away from the kittens. He seems to get disgusted and walks away when they run up under him to see what he has. This cat has taken on a new habit we call "The Beaver Dance". He starts walking back and forth inline holding a stuffed beaver in his mouth chanting loudly. It's un-nerving at 2 AM. This chant will go on for about 2 to 5 minuits. I caught him pinning a kitten to the floor with the beaver one time. If I could only get into the mind of this cat .
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He is missing his companion.
I know you'd like to change his diet post haste, but I would hesitate to add more stress than what he is already undergoing (loss of his companion, new kittens, and now strange new food).
Really, he should be given time to adjust to the new situations before the added stress of a diet change.

Regardless, it is never advised to switch diets all at once, but to transition slowly from old to new as a sudden change can cause some serious digestive tract upset.
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