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Ariel the statue

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Here's some pics I took of Ariel this afternoon, sitting like a little statue. Can you see why she's mummy's little princess?!!

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She looks so prim and proper sitting there!
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Oh Linda she's a perfect little princess! She's gorgeous
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Oh Ariel! What a regal lady you are! Lady Ariel!
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Awww... she's an absolute doll!
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Awww, thanks so much everyone. She just loves sitting like that, and of course her meowmy loves it when she does!

I just love my little princess.
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Awww, Ariel looks so sweet! Such a beautiful girl!
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What a princess! She is very beautiful.
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She's a beautiful girl, & knows it! Great pics!
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Awww! I love statues like that!
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Oh my Piper!! That is one beautiful statue!!! What a gorgeous kitty she is!
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Wow, what a beautiful girl. I've always had a soft spot for white cats.
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Oh she is beautiful!!
Is she a specific breed?
Those eyes!!!!!
I want her!!!!!
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Ariel is adorable!
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Aw, she's prettier than any statue I've ever seen! My Princess Ophelia sits like that too.

The only bad thing is that you can't see Ariel's pretty TOES with her tail all wrapped around them!
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She is a princess for sure...and sits like she KNOWS who she is!
She ought to be a Calender Girl!!!
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Awwww, thanks again everyone! Ariel sure is loving all the praise!

Heidi, I will work on getting a good pic of her toes for you (and anyone else that would like to see them!).
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She's beautiful! Very regal!
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my god!!

Everyone bow down to her majesty!!

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I bet that statue doesn't sit too still when she gets a whiff of food though!! Teehee! Wonderful pics
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Originally Posted by altzarina
Everyone bow down to her majesty!!

awwww Linda - she is just ADORABLE!!!!
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Oh Linda,! I love your gorgeous girl.....makes me really really REALLY want a white kitty!!!
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Awww she's gorgeous! I love it when they do their statue poses, Alfie sits like that on the side of the bath every morning and I find it adorable!
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