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Billy's got a funky eye again

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I'm not for sure, but Billy's right eyelid is looking a little pinkish, compared to its normal grey. If it is, he had the same problem with his left eye a few weeks ago, which cleared up with some antibiotics in about a week. He was being extra clingy yesterday, so I had been keeping an eye on him to see if he was just being weird, or if something was wrong. Today, there was a large amount of yellow goopy stuff coming out of his eye, and then I noticed it was slightly pink. I'm gonna keep an eye on him for the next day or so and see if it get worse, but has anyone heard of a chronic problem with this? Could it be allergies, or something in my house that's causing a recurrent infection? Thanks in advance for the help!
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Sorryyour little one has to go through this but I think it's time for a good look see at the Vet's !!
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Sounds like it might be a URI, you better make an appointment with the vet to make sure!
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I was starting to think it sounded like a URI too. He just looks like he's been feeling off-color, but I wanted to be sure. I'll try and make room in my schedule to bring him to the vet's tomorrow.
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I'm thinking he might have gotten pretty stressed from the trip to my parents' house, and then with the cold front that just blew through, I guess it might have a little too much for him to handle. Does it usually take a few days for a cat to get a URI from stress?
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Got back from the vet's earlier today - he says Billy's really stuffy upstairs, so he gets to take antibiotics for the next few days. Guess who's gonna be "mean mommy" for the next week or so?

Its a shame, my church was going to do pet blessings tomorrow, but I guess Billy is out. If getting stressed made him sick in the first place, stressing him out again probably isn't a good idea. The vet was awesome though, he talked all scientific to me while he was seeing Billy, which I love. I guess he figured since I was in grad school, I could understand. Little did he know my undergrad was done with the vet school!
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Also - one thing I forgot to do with my kitty - he had an eye infection and I only treated the one eye. I probably should have done both - so your kitty probably reinfected himself. We did have quite a time getting those to go away - good luck!!!
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Yea I just got home today with my kitty as well she has URI as well poor kids
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