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Cat won't stay home

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We moved 3 months ago to a house about a mile from our old house. Then problem is Ernie my 3yr old male tom cat who won't stay home. The new people at the old house call us once a week or so to say he made his way over there again. His food, water, litter box are all at the new place and he knows that. When we first moved we kept him in the house for a week then let him go out and he went right over there. We retrieved him 2 times and then he out of nowhere he started coming home everytime we let him out we thought the problem was solved. One night he wanted out so I let him out and no one saw him for almost 2 weeks. When he did finally show up at the old house he was hurt. We went and got him and took him to vet. He stayed at vet for 2 days with an absest on his paw and an infection that took 2 weeks of antibiotics to cure. So for those 2 weeks he stayed in the house but once he was cured i couldnt stand the constant crying and scratching at doors and windows to get out so reluctantly i let him out again. That was 10 days ago and I just got a call that he showed up at the old house this morning. How do I get him to stay home?????
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Awww, Im sorry for the difficulty with your cat not wanting to stay home. Since Im a new cat owner I dont have any advice for you. My girlfriend had a similar experience with the new cat they brought home returning to its previous home. They just let her stay with the previous owners though. I hope you find an answer.
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If he`s a Tom cat ....(has`nt been nutered) then he is going back to his territory that he has no doubt marked all over the place.....hoping for a female catch!
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I personally don't think keeping a cat in a week is long enough. I was always told 6 weeks, although I know most people only tend to keep them in for a month. Has he been neutered?
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Neuter him and then his territorial instincts won't be as strong and maybe he will stay home. It does take a couple weeks or so for all thehormones to leave the system so he may still desire to go back to his territory, but you really should keep him in after the surgery for a couple days.
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No he hasnt been neutered and thats prolly what I'll have to do. Thank you all for the suggestions
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He has to be neutered. Unneutered cats who go outside most often live short and rather unpleasant lives as they are constantly roaming and getting into fights.

When moving to a new home, it is necessary to keep your cats indoors for a minimum of two weeks. Four to six weeks is better - and this is if the cat is neutered. An unneutered cat has an even stronger territory drive and may never stop trying to go to his old home. Obviously, this is not a safe situation.
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You really shouldn't let him out at all until he is neutered. He is impregnating soooo many poor female cats, some probably even too young to have babies. Not to mention all the cats he is fighting with to defend his territory...
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I agree- this kitty needs to be neutered as soon as possible. Otherwise, he will continue to demand to be let out and his chances of coming home with ore injuries and contracting other illnesses from feral cats and others will increase. Cats premitted outdoors do not have half the lifespan of those who are indoor kitties. He will fight with other unaltered Toms and his caterwaling will also bring unwanted negative attention from people who are not nice to cats!!

To paraphrase Shakespeare's Ophelia in her "Get thee to a nunnery" solliquay, "Get this cat to a vet!"
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I agree with everyone here. Please please don't let him out again until he's fixed. The chances of him not coming home for one terrible reason or the other are so much greater when he's not neutered. Cats stay MUCH closer to home after they're fixed and the difference in his personality and the continual crying is AMAZING.

Also I would keep him in the house for at least 6 weeks till he's used to your new house after the move.

Keep us posted.
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So I went and picked him up yesterday after calling the vet. He has an appointment next Monday morn to go in to be nuetered. And she says after the nuetering to keep him in for 3-6 weeks. I guess I'll have to play it by ear after 3 or 4 weeks and maybe go out with him for awhile. Thank you all!
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After you get him neutered, take him out for walks on a harness - This way he still gets to smell and see the outdoors but won't run away.

Hope it goes well for the little guy!!
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A stray cat adopted me and my family more than 3 years ago. Since he was used to going outside we let him out then one day he came home limping, I took him to the vet and he had a cut and an infection in his paw from being bit by another animal. The thought of my poor baby being hurt or maybe someday killed by a wild animal was enough to force me to keep him inside.

At first he hated it, he used to sit by the door and cry and evan hissed and swatted at us. but we persisited and he is now a happy indoor cat only. He has has less trips to the vet and his overall health has imporved and I know he will live a longer and happier life this way! it is worth it to keep them inside
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Snip, snip! He's begging for it. I am glad you decided to neuter him.

I hope your next decision will be to make him an indoor-only cat. If you provide cat trees, scratching surfaces, etc. he can have just as satisfying a life indoors, plus he'll be much safer.
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I am so glad you are getting him neutered, it really is the best thing for him.
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Originally Posted by CyberKitten
To paraphrase Shakespeare's Ophelia in her "Get thee to a nunnery" solliquay, "Get this cat to a vet!"
I've never been a big Shakespeare fan but I'm confused.
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Everyone seems to be in agreement that you should have him neutered and I am a firm believer when it comes to not adding to the unwanted cat population. Beyond that, I have issues.
The love of my life is a 5 year old Calico which has never so much as touched a blade of grass outside. There is nothing that I haven't given her to ensure that she has an excellent quality of life. I could leave my door open all day and she won't even get close to it.
What she is missing is the opportunity for a car to hit her, a dog to kill her, to wander off and get lost, all of which would take her away from me which I could not stand. The one true instinct that I suppose I am cheating her out of is the chance to stalk and kill prey and being not just a cat lover but a lover of all animals, I feel that I am doing what is right for all concerned.
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