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Intermission's over

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Not sure if anyone noticed, but I have been gone for a few days. Between my birthday on Monday and my son's on Thursday, things were busy and I just didn't have the time to sit down here. There are also a few "issues" that need to be properly attended to around my life right now, so I may not be online as often. Trying to catch up now. Just wanted to say that I hope everyone is doing well, in case I missed any important threads. I can always be reached by private message or email, as well. You are a great bunch, and even if I'm not around, I am always wishing you all the best.
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back! That's one of the nice things about this site - you can "disappear" for a few days or weeks, and come back and find that few things have changed.
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Hey, Sunnicat. Belated Happy Birthday! And Happy Birthday to your son, too. Hope everything works out ok for you!
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I've missed you since you've been gone ..but I wish you all the best..and check in when you can!
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How wonderful to see you! Of course you've missed around here! You must really be staying busy with so much going on in your life. Sure do look forward to seeing you around whenever you have time to be here with us!
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You've definitely been missed. Good to hear from you!
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